Thursday, 10 August 2017

North Korea Vs USA or the trigger to end all games?

North Korea VS USA or the trigger to end all games?

When you see wild animals foraging inside urban areas, looking for whatever edible that they can find, you know the game is over. More and more urban areas are taking over ecosystems and many species are on the way to extinction.

When you hear that a country like the United Kingdom can only feed 59% of its population and has to import the remaining 41% of the food that it consumes, there are alarm bells. It is not vast areas of Africa that are being affected by 'not enough water, not enough food'. Robert Malthus spoke about population rises and talk about War, Starvation and Disease being demographic control factors.

When you think where the World is heading to with vast expanses of our oceans becoming deserts totally deprived of life, when you see animals that die of asphyxia due to contaminants including plastics, you know the game is over.

Maybe this new chapter of International Affairs is a necessity. Planet Earth has had enough and whatever is happening regarding International Affairs is part of a chain of events that will lead to widespread depopulation.

One can foresee that if two of the most populated countries in the Asia region - India and China - and most of the Western World were to be affected by massive doses of radiation combined with social, economic and political disintegration and upheaval that will spread across the entire World, the World as we know it today will come to an end and that it will take an extraordinary amount of time to rebuild whatever is destroyed.

The World as we know it today will no longer be recognisable. There will be new poles of economic and military power and rapports that we take for granted today will no longer be a reality. For a very long time organisations like the Organisation of the United Nations will not be around. All Human Rights Legislation will be part of the history books. The strong will prevail - or shall say the survivors will prevail? Will this be a new opportunity for thousands of others species to survive? Will this lead to the rise of new species via mutations? If the World suddenly becomes worse than Chernobyl, will Humans survive as a species or affected by strong radiation will they become infertile and simply vanish into thin air?

An article published on The Independent Newspaper refers to rising infertility, something that many believe is related to our lifestyle.Are we Humans about to experience a Dinosaurs moment? If our food becomes contaminated or is so scarce that the lack of food leads to mass starvation, if the economic system built to support a growing population is no more, we have reasons to worry about Nuclear bombs but we have even more reasons to fear the consequences of chaos across the entire Planet. Without viable economics, political instability and violence with be rule and not the exception.

Like chess players, World Leaders should focus on the long term implications of a military confrontation of such kind. If the Rule of Law becomes one of the main casualties, the words "Sauve qui peut" will be the norm.

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