Monday, 28 December 2015

When they bring back Litvinenko, you know that dirt is coming

Alexandr Litvinenko
Whenever the BBC brings back Alexandr Litvinenko, killed by British agents in London to protect CIA operator and former Russian powerful man Boris Berezovski, you know that dirt is coming.

Alexandr Litvinenko, former KGB agent, in his new re-incarnation was the right hand man of Boris Berezovski, a former Boris Yeltsin supporter, who having left Russia in a hurry had dealings with Muslim Chechen rebels carrying out terrorist attacks.

Boris Berezovski was also working for the CIA and bringing in to the West politicians that fell out of grace including sons of Presidents. The way things worked was that they would arrive in Britain and the same firm of lawyers working for Boris Berezovsky would get them visas to remain in Britain or perhaps travel to other parts of the so called Western World including the US.

Both Boris Berezovsky and Alexandr Litvinenko were seen as insiders who in theory possessed valuable information about the USSR that gave way to the Russian Federation. The US needed access to landlocked Afghanistan and who better to contact 'old friends' than Boris Berezovsky and his lieutenant Alexandr Litvinenko.

What wasn't so convenient was the fact that both Boris Berezovsky and Alexandr Litvinenko had links with Chechen rebels linked to AlQaeda and Taliban at a time when British Forces were fighting in Afghanistan under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In every transaction you needed valuable friends and who better in terms of knowing about dirty dealings that the Italian Mafia and this is where Mario Scaramella, an Italian lawyer, that was supposedly investigating Italian Mafia links. When it came to money and weapons Chechen terrorists needed what better than the Italian Mafia.
Mario Scaramella
Alexandr Litvinenko was very small fish but you always need a good bait to catch a bigger fish and in this particular case the Russian Federation was after Boris Berezovsky and the best way of getting Boris Berezovky was to make Tony Blair's position unsustainable. Revealing details about Boris Berezovsky's operations in Chechnya, linked to what was happening in Afghanistan, would force the British Government to give up Boris Berezovsky. But given that Berezovsky was also helping the CIA and facilitated transit of US troops into Afghanistan, the British Establishment had to move quickly to avoid public embarrassment and protect a man that was considered an asset at the time.

When Andrei Lugovoi, former colleague of Alexandr Litvinenko, came to London to persuade Alexandr Litvinenko to cooperate with the Russian Federation in exchange for a free passage agreement this signalled big danger for the British Establishment killing Alexandr Litvinenko to protect Boris Berezovsky became a number one priority.

Even until this day Marina Litvinenko is trying, unsuccessfully, to get the British Establishment to acknowledge that Alexandr Litvinenko was in fact working for the British Establishment. The British Establishment wants none of it because they believe that such acknowledgement would create a snowballing effect leading to the truth about how and why Alexandr Litvinenko was killed by British agents.
Marina Litvinenko

With Alexandr Litvinenko, out of the picture by courtesy of the Security Services of Tony Blair, the Russian Federation still had an interest in exposing Boris Berezovky and this is why I was asked to travel to Brazil where Brazilian prosecutors had valuable information that would seriously incriminate Boris Berezovsky. Oh, surprise, hours before my trip to Brazil, Boris Berezovsky appeared dead in his bathroom. Conveniently enough, Boris Berezovsky had been left without bodyguard protection.
By that time, Boris Berezovsky had become a public embarrassment and was no longer useful and therefore he was more of a liability for the British Establishment. After losing a very public litigation in British courts when facing Roman Abramovich, it was said that 'Boris Berezovsky was feeling depressed'. Killing Boris Berezovsky, the British Establishment destroyed a very embarrassing link.

Roman Abramovich
A saga like the Litvinenko Affair is used over and over again by the British Establishment to try and cause some damage to the Russian Federation, when in fact War Criminal Tony Blair should be the one on the spot.

Well, it is business as usual for the British Security Services and poor Marina Litvinenko will have to wait more than 100 years to read de-classified papers when the matter is no longer remembered nor relevant.

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