Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ottoman Empire Part 2: Next stop? Israel

Turkey is fully supporting Islamic State. This is not just about cheap oil that Turkey is acquiring as it finances and arms Islamic State.

With Saddam Hussein out of the way, with a compromised Syria and a weakened Egypt, Palestine is ripe for the taking.

Turkey knows that the outcome of a direct confrontation with Israel, the only major player that could stop Turkey in the region, would be counter productive. Therefore, it is ready and willing to wage a war by proxy against Israel, a war that could prove to be very popular amongst people that until now have been locked in combat against Islamic State.

With Russia in Syria, Islamic State aka Turkey knows that its chances in Syria are limited and therefore a change of course towards Golan Heights and the Occupied Territories would make many in the Muslim World have a change of hearts. There must be a lot of thinking going on about ways to unite Muslim factions in a Holy War against Jews and incidentally also unite factions of those who live in the so called Western World to make them act as one.

The essence would be to make everyone believe that 'this is not a war between Sunni and Shiite. This is a war against our real enemies'. In more than one way, since the days of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, internal divisions have always weakened Muslim attempts 'to conquer the world'.

About 23% of the World's population is Muslim. I cannot even begin to imagine what would be possible if Muslims across all continents were to get together with one single purpose. Turkey aka Islamic State is very much looking for a unifying theme. Beheading and killing fellow Muslims couldn't possibly be part of such an approach but we the intensification of external intervention a change of direction looks increasingly feasible.

Saudi Arabia is not even a worthy opponent nor are worthy opponents any of the other Arab States both big and small. What an amazing paradox! Turkey, a NATO member, leading a Muslim Holy War to achieve territorial and political hegemony across Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East, now on a head on confrontation with Israel.

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