Monday, 28 December 2015

Afghani Militiamen behead Islamic State members and put heads along the road

The picture shows the heads of Islamic fighters killed by Afghani militiamen that counter the brutality of Islamic State with a tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye policy.

Seeing reports about those in Europe that leave their family homes to go and join Islamic State, one wonders if Western tactics to counter Islamic State are not outdated.

If any of those wanting to leave or those who left knew that their families in Europe were going to be interned or killed, would they think about joining Islamic State or want to remain as members of Islamic State?

We are a soft target because our Laws have made us soft target. We give the benefit of Human Rights to those who hold our Human Rights in total contempt.

When the possibility of using Nuclear Weapons against Islamic State was mentioned, I certainly welcomed the idea. Why wasting so many flight hours and bombs when the job could be done in a more efficient manner by dropping the ultimate weapon of mass destruction to wipe them off of the face of Earth?

The planet's population is growing steadily and many innocent people are condemned to starvation so that the scum of Earth can continue to cause widespread misery and fear.

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