Monday, 14 December 2015

Elected London Regional Organiser Steve Squire will step down on January 1st 2016

Dear Adam,

I have finally decided after “Hitting the Glass Ceiling” due to Cronyism to step down from all my official positions I hold on behalf of the Party.
I have had a fantastic 5years as The London Organiser,I must mention the London BNP team whom without their loyal support I could not have lasted so long.
So a special thank you to all London BNP and good luck for the future.


Communication sent by London Regional Press Officer to Party Leader Adam Walker reporting correspondence received from London Regional Organiser Steve Squire.


It is my duty to inform you in accordance with instructions received from the London Regional Organiser Steve Squire that I have a Letter of Resignation of the London Regional Organiser in my possession, resignation that would become effective on January 1st, 2016, if circumstances leading to the issuing of such Letter of Resignation do not change.

I am also obliged to report this matter to relevant officers in the London Region and especially, within the London Region, to our Mayoral Candidate for the 2016 GLA Election (Dave Furness) and to the officer acting as Agent for the 2016 GLA Election (Mike Jones).

The foundation for the issuing of the said Letter of Resignation is what the elected London Regional Organiser qualifies as ‘having hit a glass ceiling’ and cronyism following the appointment of the Deputy Leader of the party. The London Regional Organiser has made representations to me that he rejected an offer of appointment as Deputy Leader, offer made by you and by Clive Jefferson a few weeks ago and indicated that the party has 12 (twelve regions) and that from any of those regions we could have had candidates standing for election. He stated that, despite the fact that there are no provisions in the present Constitution regarding the election of a Deputy Leader, such an election would have created a very positive precedent and become encouraging news in times of adversity as evidence of party unity.

My duty is to report to you such serious matter without apportioning blame nor engaging in any kind of argumentation regarding the reasons cited in the Letter or Resignation. I will be dealing with facts and I am merely reporting facts.

With regards to other matters, rest assured that I will never remain silent and that I will always express an honest and very straightforward opinion regarding issues of a political nature and that if I tell you that it is going to rain you better bring an umbrella.

My educated comment is that you should be certain that whatever is happening within the British National Party has not gone amiss inside the British National Party and outside the British National Party.

The organization as a whole is very fragile. Far too much happened before the expulsion of its former Leader Nick Griffin and after the appointment and ratification by the Membership of yourself as legitimate Leader of the British National Party.

It is not for me to question the actions of the Leadership of the Party but as eyes and ears of the party it is my duty to report to you and to those who would be natural members of the London Regional Council what is happening in London of all places, a few months before a crucially important GLA Election. The party has always taken part in the GLA Election and has done so both under John Tyndall and Nick Griffin and it would a first in the history of the party if we were to be absent in 2016.


Communication received by London Regional Press Officer from Party Leader Adam Walker reporting acceptance of Letter of Resignation of London Regional Organiser Steve Squire.

Dear Karl,

Thank you for your communication of Steve Squire’s intended resignation sent to me and to other BNP London officials.

I would like to clear up several issues included in your email:

Firstly, for the record, as everyone who has ever sat on the BNP National Executive Committee knows, the position of Deputy Chairman has been offered to any NEC member. Consistently, no one has stood up to take on the huge responsibility that comes with it.

Naturally, way back in February, I was very pleased when during a trip to London, Richard Perry and other Officials from the south approached me and stated that Steve wanted the position.

I offered Steve the position of Deputy Chairman in May. Steve declined.

Several weeks ago, I was very grateful to Clive Jefferson for stepping forward when asked to take on the thankless task of Deputy Chairman, once again placing himself in the unenviable position of financial accountability for the whole party.

It remains to be said, that the GLA Election campaign is already underway with the full backing and support of Central Party. Established, strong lines of communication between key London Officials and Head Office are already in place. These elections will be fought according to plans currently being crafted, with the dedicated and fully committed London team and the Election Agent.

Rest assured, the decisions I’ve made to stabilise our party will remain in place well beyond January. The BNP has always operated a policy of resisting threats and rejecting ultimatums issued by individuals who feel they are bigger than the Party. The stability and security of the BNP will always be placed above the egos of such people.

In the light of Steve’s ultimatum, I hereby accept his resignation as BNP London RO.

I would like to thank Steve for his hard work over the years and I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours.

Best of British,

Adam Walker
British National Party Chairman

Explanation of the Process leader to the Offer of Resignation put forward by London Regional Organiser Steve Squire

1) As a member of the National Executive of the British National Party and duly elected London Regional Organizer, Steve Squire declined the offer to be appointed Deputy Leader of the British National Party.

2) Steve Squire's understanding is that despite the fact that there is no Constitutional Provision to have an elected Deputy Leader the position of Deputy Leader should be subject of an election, very much like the position of Party Leader.

3) Via the London Regional Press Office a message was sent to Party Leader Adam Walker and other party officials including party officers in the London Region.

4) A communication was received today, sent by Party Leader Adam Walker accepting Steve Squire's resignation from January 1st, 2016.

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