Tuesday, 12 January 2016

In its present format British Nationalism is finished

It its present format, British Nationalism is finished, over, going only downwards.

A movement in which people spend most of their time and energy attacking each other on social media does not have the slightest chance of electoral success.

Every group, every single organization, promises Paradise and solutions that they will never be able to implement because they simply do not have the numbers.

Without political representation in the House of Commons or in any of the regional assemblies, and without no significant representation in local and regional authorities, British Nationalism is dead.

British Nationalists not even have the numbers to organize effective rallies and demonstrations and the headlines that they manage to produce simply demonstrate that they have no political power and no social power.


  1. It's the dead hand of the BNP which is holding the Movement back, the sooner the gang in control of what is left of this party fold it up the better.

  2. It is the dead hand of the BNP holding us back, time for the gang in charge of what is left of the party to depart and fold it up. Time to start again.