Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Falkland Islands: Ready for the taking.

How long will the Falkland Islands be Falkland Islands? The question has been raised and looking at the headlines of the press this morning there is every reason to feel unsettled.

Total garrison: 1,200 troops. Total Air Force: 4 Total Naval Deployment: 1

The news is for those who have not been following developments that with the present military capabilities, the United Kingdom will not be able to repel any invasion and following an invasion will not be able to dislodge any invading forces.

President Cristina Fernandez Wilhelm said that during his presidency the Falkland Islands would be taken by Argentina. There are elections in Argentina this year. In 1982, there was a Conservative government in Britain with Margaret Thatcher at the helm when the Conservatives were basically dismantling the British Armed Forces and mothballing its Naval Forces. Incidentally, there is a Conservative government in Britain with David Cameron at the helm and in the last few years they have been dismantling British Armed Forces.

Disabling airfield facilities in Falkland Islands will be extremely easy and once airfield facilities are disabled the Islands will be there for the taking because Britain no longer has a task force and without plane carriers there cannot be air superiority. You know exactly what this means. It means that the new Argentina jets (a much better version than the French Mirage Argentina had in 1982) will be able to reach Falklands Islands, sink any British ships around, and remain in the skies of Falkland Islands for a lot longer than the French Mirage ever could without refueling.

In a desperate attempt, it was announced today that Britain will be beefing up 'Falkland Islands Defenses'.

In 1982, Argentina was a military dictatorship that was at odds with its Chilean counterpart. For that reasons, Argentina could only send mainly conscripts to Falkland Islands being forced to maintain the vast majority of its Armed Forces in Continental Argentina to protect the military dictatorship and to prevent a Chilean attack. Relations with Chile had been strained because of a territorial dispute about the Beagle.

In 2015, there is no military dictatorship in Argentina, there is no strained relations with Chile and the will to retake Falkland Islands is stronger than ever before in a continent that has a very traumatic rapport not just with UK but also with the US. This means that Argentina could a vast amount of professional troops to Falkland Islands and this having learnt the lessons of 1982.

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