Friday, 6 March 2015

Tre Azam: Did he really want to talk with the British National Party?

Some years ago, Tre Azam, became notorious as one of the competitors in The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar, a programme broadcast by the BBC.

Later on, in 2008, we has taken to court and convicted of fraudulent welfare claims and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

Today, Tre Azam's videos appear on YouTube and Community Channel, videos in which he condemns the British National Party as being 'anti-Islam' and ask members of the Muslim Community to engage in the democratic process.

In one of his videos, Tre Azam says that he was making an effort to contact the British National Party and ask about party policies regarding Muslims and Islam and stated that he had not been able to find any British National Party representative ready and willing to talk to him.

Unknown to him, the British National Party had been trying to contact him directly via Community Channel and LBC Radio (it is known that some time ago Tre Azam presented a programme on LBC radio on Saturdays).

Recently, messages were sent to Sofia Couceiro (producer for Community Channel) and James Rea (in charge of News for LBC radio). Twitter and Facebook messages were sent to Tre Azam.

There seems to be a pattern in terms of the mass media or individuals saying that they cannot contact the British National Party when in fact the British National Party is always available but gets very few requests for interviews.

A British National Party representative told us that they wanted to talk with Tre Azam but that unfortunately Tre Azam had not tried to contact them.

The British National Party has points of contact across the United Kingdom and in London, Steve Squire - London Regional Organiser - has always been available to provide information and respond to mass media requests.

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