Tuesday, 10 March 2015

US commits treason against NATO allies

US strategists force Russian withdrawal from treaty that limits Conventional Forces.

The subject did not appear in any of the so called British mass media.

Not long ago, Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, clearly stated that any conflict in Europe will be decided by Conventional Forces.

Now, forcing Russian out of Treaties limiting numbers of Conventional is as catastrophic a mistake as the mistake Hermann Goering made by targeting British cities instead of targeting RAF airfields.

This literally means that US has committed treason against its NATO allies because no NATO countries have not even a shadow of the military capabilities in terms of Conventional Forces to have anything resembling any kind of balance.

In this state of affairs, Prime Minister David Cameron very well knows that Britain is defenseless in terms of Conventional Forces, incapable of defeating barefooted Taliban fighters travelling on Toyota pick-up trucks.

The whole balance of forces has been thrown into disarray thanks to US stupidity. From now on, thanks to US, there will no limitations in terms of how bigger Russian Federation Conventional Forces can be.

Russian Federation plans to have not less than 2 million men as part of its Armed Forces will be implemented with the advantage that they can be supported by an unlimited number of tanks, airplanes and other tools of war.

But there is an even bigger threat. One of the achievement of President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev could be thrown into question. If agreements regarding limitations affecting nuclear arsenals are declared void then all treaties regarding nuclear non-proliferation will be void and the world will be truly on the way to nuclear armaments and this will include Developing World nations like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

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