Monday, 9 March 2015

EU has no borders

In an European Union of 28 countries, who controls its borders: everybody and nobody.

The announcement by a Greek politician and member of the ruling coalition that Greece will open its borders to anybody wanting to reach the European Union - including those suspected of involvement in Islamic Terrorism - should the deal concerning Greek debt fall apart is a worrying development but it is not new.

In certain EU countries, EU passports have been for sale in the open market for quite a long time to the point that as soon as somebody gets access to any of the 28 countries that today make up the European Union the said person has access to the entire European Union, including the United Kingdom.

There were no border controls regarding citizens of member countries and there are de facto no border controls regarding people coming from outside the European Union and this is a self-evident issue of National Security. As soon as you get right of residence or nationality in any of the EU countries you have access to the entire EU.

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