Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Will Newsquest give the British National Party a fair say regarding worrying issues in Lewisham?

From: "Bexley British National Party" <bexley@bnp.org.uk>
To: "Andrew Parkes" <aparkes@london.newsquest.co.uk>, "bexley" <bexley@bnp.org.uk>
Sent: Monday, 24 June, 2013 1:49:27 PM
Subject: Re: Mark Chandler

Dear Mr Parkes,

Please find below a letter that I hope you will be able to publish in full in the next edition of your publication.

Michael Jones


Rather than rebutting the smear article recently aimed at our party (published on 19-06-13), as the local British National Party organiser I would like to respond by raising some serious points, for a change.

We believe that the British people have a right to hear the truth on any particular issue however uncomfortable the truth may be in this politically correct climate.

This is why we recently planned a peaceful march from Woolwich barracks to Lewisham Islamic Centre, where adult Muslims are being trained in Wing Chun, a form of Kung Fu which includes fighting with weapons including knives and hatchets very similar to those used in the ritual slaughter of Lee Rigby. It is said one of the alleged attackers of Lee Rigby attended this Islamic Centre.

As a legitimate political party we campaign on many different issues, but do not organise street marches, however we believe this problem needs highlighting and dealing with, so were prepared to do a one off march on this occasion.
The march was banned by the metropolitan police.

Many people have asked me the very important question as to why such an event was banned.

Is it because the government have no solutions to the growing problem of Wahhabi Islam on our streets, a problem that successive Tory, Labour and now Tory/Lib Dem governments have created with their failed immigration policies?

Michael Jones
Bexley branch organiser
British National Party

From: "Andrew Parkes" <aparkes@london.newsquest.co.uk>
To: "Bexley British National Party" <bexley@bnp.org.uk>
Cc: "Mark Chandler" <mchandler@london.newsquest.co.uk>
Sent: Sunday, 23 June, 2013 9:32:26 PM
Subject: RE: Mark Chandler


I would be happy to consider publishing a letter from yourself.
We ask readers to limit their letters to 250 words and I’m sure you will understand that we reserve the right to edit submissions.

To be considered for the next edition of our next letters page I would have to ask you to send me your submission as soon as possible.

Andy Parkes

Andrew Parkes
Group Managing Editor
Newsquest South London
01689 885706

From: Bexley British National Party [mailto:bexley@bnp.org.uk]
Sent: 23 June 2013 14:00
Cc: Mark Chandler
Subject: Mark Chandler

Dear Editor,

After reading the article by Mark Chandler regarding the British National Party and the EDL, (link provided below) I would be grateful if you would give us an opportunity to reply to the dreams of Matthew Collins.
In a fair and decent democracy, surely this wouldn't be an issue for you to print an unedited short piece from us in both your hard copy and online.


I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,
Michael Jones
Bexley branch & south London sub regional organiser

British National Party

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