Monday, 24 June 2013

British National Party: One of the toughest bunches on Earth

British National Party: One of the toughest bunches on Earth

Some time ago, Paul Hickman, British National Party Birmingham Organiser, wrote me a message and said that activists that had come all the way from the northern England to take part in a memorial rally in Central London to honour the memory of Lee Rigby were not happy with some words that I used in a speech during the said rally.

Looking at what Paul Hickman and the said activists face in Birmingham of all places it is plain easy to understand certain angry attitudes given the sensitivities of the issues we have to deal with, especially taking into account that most of those involved in acts of terrorism in the UK and abroad come actually from Birmingham and the fact that most of those involved in raping boys and girls also come from places like Birmingham, in spite of the fact that many other British cities are affected.

Irate reactions and strong words have come to be expected from people that are absolutely fed up with the realities they have to confront on a daily basis.  I have been in British Nationalism long enough to understand the anger and the frustrations that many Nationalists experience and for this very reason I decided a long time ago that rather than attacking fellow Nationalists that feel understandably angry and frustrated I would use a constructive approach.

Paul Hickman is a very strong character. Well, you have to be strong to survive in places like Birmingham.  What we have to face in Southern England is still relatively mild compared to what Paul Hickman and other activist have to cope with.  

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