Thursday, 27 June 2013

Favelas in the United Kingdom

The Daily Telegraph reports that there is now an epidemic of 'sheds with beds' created by flood immigration. Oh, Flood Immigration is such a delightful things and so much benefits the United Kingdom's economy! Is it? How much do illegal settlements contribute to the British economy? The article also talks about neighbours who are up in arms because of the situations such 'sheds with beds' are creating.
Keep voting for other political parties other than the British National Party and soon the United Kingdom will be plagued by sheds with beds, the British version of Brazilian Favelas. Anybody who knows about Favelas knows the social costs in terms of crime including drug trafficking, alcoholism, prostitution, robberies and murder.

Ah, by the way, having a Favela near your property will do wonders for your community and the value of your property. You might be pleasantly surprise when you try to put your property in the housing market. 

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