Monday, 24 June 2013

To believe that identical political strategies apply to different countries is extremely naive

Extrapolating realities in Greece, in Hungary and in France with realities in Britain in an attempt to justify Nationalist political and electoral strategies in Britain is extremely childish and na├»ve. There is no ‘Et ceteris paribus’ kind of analysis. We can only compare like with like. There are fundamental historical, political, social and cultural differences. In political terms nothing is the same and nothing remains the same for too long.
Some British Nationalists are making completely erroneous assumptions by pretending that the political evolution of Greece, Hungary, France and Britain are one and the same, when the said political evolution in each of the above named countries has been dramatically different. Unfortunately, in desperation, some Nationalists believe in fallacies. They believe that same political strategies can apply to different political realities and in so doing they fool themselves and condemn themselves to eternal frustration.  

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