Friday, 31 May 2013

House of Commons: House of Cards and the cards keep falling

House of Commons: House of Cards and the cards keep falling
Patrick Mercer
I really have to make an effort to remember the number of disgraced Members of Parliament, including those who have ended up in jail because of their behaviour and their cavalier attitude regarding the role they have been called to perform.
Patrick John Mercer OBE is a former Conservative MP, now representing the Constituency of Newark as an independent MP that has announced that will not be standing at the next General Election.

Patrick John Mercer was also a former military officer of distinction and high reputation. One of his constituents said ‘What a pity! He has been a very good constituency MP.’

Why does a man like Patrick Mercer end up making such extraordinary blunders and throwing away his political career and his reputation? How much does a man cost? £500 an hour? £1,000 an hour? 

When Denis MacShane, one of the most patronizing and insulting individuals in British politics, falls on his sword after cheating when making expenses claims, or Margaret Moran, or Elliot Morley or Stephen Byers (the man whose secretary suggested that 9/11 was a good day to bury bad news), Virginia Hewitt and others are caught red handed you have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

You had reasons to laugh when former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was found by television cameras in the red district in Soho – she said she was doing research on prostitution – after she lost her job as Home Secretary following the scandal created by her declaration of expenses that included the acquisition of pornographic movies for her husband’s use. Jacqui Smith is now a presenter for LBC radio and SKY television and one would assume that this is how she makes a living after reaching the pinnacle of British politics as Home Secretary involved in anti-terror legislation that was implemented under a Labour administration.

In addition to the cases aforementioned, the idea of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans being accused of rape by two men is not tragic nor entertaining. It is frankly pathetic and especially when you look at the glamourized image of alternative lifestyles promoted by the politically correct society and you see how far Prime Minister David Cameron is ready and willing to go - going even against the Conservative Party - to promote homosexual marriage.

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