Wednesday, 13 June 2018

British Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler

Former owner of Daily Mail pictured with Adolf Hitler

British Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler

If you don't know it yet, you might be surprised to learn that the Daily Mail newspaper that publishes articles about 'Nazi Invasion' on its digital version platform, was a full time supporter of Adolf Hitler and of Das Dritte Reich.

Yes, those running the Daily Mail cannot refute historical records. Even when at one point they stopped supported Mosley and the British Blackshirts, their support for Adolf Hitler continued and the heirs now bombard you with articles criticising the so called Far Right and the ones they label 'Holocaust Deniers'.

The British public and especially the post war generations need to be enlightened about the role the Daily Mail played promoting certain values. Most of the people the Daily Mail classifies as 'Neo-Nazis' have little to do with National Socialist ideology. In fact, many in today's 'British Far Right' are former Labour Party members that walked away from the Labour Party feeling disenfranchised when the Labour Party adopted a Globalist approach that was detrimental to the British working class.

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