Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Nearly half of British women sexually dissatisfied

Nearly half of British women sexually dissatisfied

Pay attention to this: 49 per cent of women between the ages of 25 and 34 complain of lack of sexual enjoyment. Research found that women who experienced unhappiness in their relationships had been diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections and were unable to communicate with their partners are more likely to have low sexual function. 

Alcohol use was linked to an unhealthy sex and less pleasurable sexual life and an important factor. Taboos about sexuality - unbelievable in the Twenty-First Century - in which many speak about sexual liberation - mean increasing levels of sexual frustration that turn into a myriad of emotional and psychological problems. 

A society that is so inclined and prone to accept 'alternative sexuality' (bisexuality and homosexuality included) it seems like an contradiction in terms that heterosexual relationships are in deep trouble.

Add to the aforementioned the fact than one in seven women have fertility problems and the guilt, frustration and misery associated with the said fertility problems and this is a ticking bomb with enormous social repercussions.

When we talk about family cohesion and about an increasing number of adults living on their own, undoubtedly sexual dysfunction is a crucial factor as the root cause of unstable households that when they don't end up with divorce can lead to very unhappy realities not only for the partners involved but fundamentally for the children that will be affected by unhappiness and in some cases by  domestic violence that will affect their emotional and physical development.

In Germany, the powerful union AG Metal has fought for the reduction of the working week to give people - and especially family - more time to spend as a family and for couples to have more quality time.

Britain, instead, forges ahead pushing the limits of what is humanly healthy and desirable. Long working hours, financial worries, high levels of alcohol consumption and very poor performance in bed can be said to be the foundations of social degradation and social disintegration.

Time to stop promoting 'alternative lifestyles' and to support heterosexuality. Time to pay attention and to support families for the sake of the country.  


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