Friday, 11 May 2018

Shomrin: Policing organisations set up along racial or religious lines?

Only one community in what we know as Multicultural Britain has been allowed to create what is a de-facto Policing organisation and it is called Shomrin. Whether it is made up almost or entirely by members of the Jewish Community is not the issue. The issue is that no other community would be allowed to have such an organisation that works alongside regular Police forces in the United Kingdom. Would a Muslim Policing organisation, or a Sikh Police organisation or an African Policing organisation be allowed to exist in the United Kingdom? The answer is No. Why then public resources in area of such sensitivity as policing are being invested allowing the Shomrin to exist?

Much has been said about the existence of Sharia Law Courts in the United Kingdom, something that in my personal opinion is not just irregular but also dangerous. We already have a legal system that involves all citizens living in the United Kingdom regardless of race, religion, gender or any other defining characteristic. One law for all. On this basis, having a parallel Police service run primarily and predominantly by members of the Jewish Community is a dangerous anomaly.We don't have a Muslim Police Service or a Black Police Service. The British Police Force has elements that belong to all communities working together.

I find this reality of Britain to be most extraordinary and undesirable. In a country that works on the basis of precedent, the Muslim Community or any other community in the United Kingdom would be duly entitled to have their own Police Force by saying that 'well, if they can have it, we should have it'. 

We do need to have a very serious conversation about this kind of issues. There should be one Police Service for all and one Law for all without discrimination. The very existence of the Shomrin has created a very dangerous precedent.  

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