Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Hope Not Hate confirms that British Judiciary is controlled by Zionists

Hope Not Hate confirms that we knew all along: Zionists control the British Justice System. To make matters worse, on the very same day that Jez Turner was convicted the Zionist Army slaughtered 60 unarmed Palestinians including babies and injured more than 2,700 of a crowd of unarmed demonstrators against Jewish occupation in Palestine.

Hope Not Hate states that "the conviction is another setback for the group (London Forum)" but this is contradicted by views expressed by represented of many other nationalist groups that clearly stated that the conviction of Jez Turner is a unifying force for nationalist groups across Britain as this shows even the most moderate members of the Nationalist Movement that opposing Zionism in all its forms is an over-riding priority and objective.
Gideon Falter CAA

By his own admission, Gideon Falter - one of the heads of CAA (and reportedly linked to CIA), stated that he works very closely with 10 Downing Street and this could lead to major issues indicating that the separation of powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) has been violated leading to the conclusion that Zionists used their influence at 10 Downing Street to pressure the Crown Prosecution Service that had initially disregarded accusations made against Jez Turner.

But there are other issues that are not less important and as crucial as the fact that Jews control mainstream political parties, influence mass media and put pressure on the Judiciary. A group called National Action that was recently banned is extremely active with participation of former and present members of the British Armed Forces that organised training camps for paramilitaries in various regions of the United Kingdom. Members of the British Armed Forces could decide to target Jewish interests directly. This is extremely serious and is being totally disregarded by British Authorities.

As we learn from incidents happening in Germany, Muslim immigrants are now turning against Jews and Jewish authorities in Germany have advised Jewish people not to wear any garments including skullcaps that could give away their Jewish identity. Rising anti-Jewish feelings is now one of the main concerns in Germany. As Zionists murderous activities in Palestine shock the world and send shock-waves across Europe, it is not unthinkable that Muslim operators could become increasingly aggressive against Jewish people in the United Kingdom and that the actions of Israel could be a unifying factor for several strands within Muslim communities in the United Kingdom.

Members of Jewish Communities are becoming increasingly concerned about the consequences of the actions of the government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party and the potential consequences for Jews across the world.

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