Monday, 14 May 2018

As a man gets convicted for speaking his mind, Israel kills 52 and injures more than a thousand

A Jewish woman firmly stated that the conviction of a British veteran in London for speaking his mind about the Shomrin and Jewish Power in the United Kingdom bears no relationship to Israeli policies. Well, today 52 Palestinian protesters were slaughtered by Jews in Jerusalem and more than a thousand Palestinians were injured. The difference? Jews are armed and the protesters were unarmed and protesting against 70 years of occupation. A bit of a difference, you might think.

What about the Geneva Convention? Does Israel recognize the Geneva Convention? What about UN rules about occupying forces? Do they apply? Those who protest about Jewish Power in the United Kingdom haven't killed anybody nor plan to kill anybody. They are simply making a very valid point. What about Jewish forces in Palestine? The list of victims of occupation is much too long to mention and this includes carpet bombing in Gaza where ten of thousands of homes were destroyed and the list of fatal casualties and of those injured and disabled includes thousands of men, women and children.

Prime Minister Theresa May advises caution and restraint. This is the same Prime Minister who sent an envoy to Israel to visit occupied lands and have secret talks with the Israeli government and did it with such speed that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was not told about it. Caution and restraint? Occupation, torture and assassinations of millions of people forced to live under a Racist Theological Totalitarian Regime for which the non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine are seen as Untermenschen and I deliberately choose the word Untermenschen for its historical connotations.

Many Jews complained about the fact that Western governments knew about persecution in Europe and did nothing to help those being persecuted. Well, Palestinians are the Jews of the 1930s and 1940s. They are being killed and all the UN and Western governments do for them is to ask for 'caution and restraint'.

Israel seems to be above the Geneva Convention, above all treaties on Human Rights and actions of occupying forces, above the Organisation of the United Nations itself and, if this was not enough, those criticizing Israeli aggression and violations risk being sent to jail falsely labeled as Anti-Semites.

Anger is rising and it goes beyond the confines of Israel. The rise of the Far Right is a direct consequence of the crimes committed by Jews in Palestine. This is made worse by the fact that great masses of immigrants coming to Europe from Muslim countries do hate Jews and this has led to rising anti-Jewish feelings in places like Germany - country where Jewish authorities have advised Jewish people not to wear symbols or attires that can make them a target.

Anti-Jewish feelings are directly linked to Israel because Jews are inseparable part of the State of Israel and therefore - like it or not - every Jew living outside Israel will also be targeted in spite of the fact that many Jews reject Likud policies. The crucial difference is that Israel exists behind barriers. There are no barriers in Europe and elsewhere. The time-tomb for another wave of persecution against Jews in Europe is ticking and time is running out as demographic changes bring with them new threats.

The children of Islam are de-facto adults of fighting age and their numbers are rising across Europe.

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