Friday, 2 February 2018

Germany: Rise of National Socialism is not if but when

Germany: Rise of National Socialism is not if but when

Political repression in Germany will accelerate the process that will lead to the rise of National Socialism.

The Establishment believes that banning political organisations and sending people to jail for daring to disagree while implementing policies that are ruining Germany is the solution to their problems.

As the chaos generated by flood immigration that brought with it terrorism and fear is increasing, more and more people are coming out and calling things for what they are.

CDU/CSU had the worst electoral performance and SDU didn't do any better. Why on earth can anybody believe that two of the main losers in German Elections will be able to maintain political stability in Germany? Automation, the closure of viable industries that create jobs coupled with mass migration will lead to unemployment and unemployment will lead to confrontation. Do Germans want Angela Merkel? No, they don't. Do Germans want Schulz? No, they don't. The Establishment knows that and sooner than later the reactions will come from within the German Establishment which is exactly what led to 1933.

Germany has an instinct for Ordnung and it knows that Merkel and Shulz can only produce expensive and dangerous chaos.

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