Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Alice in Wonderland: A former British soldier facing court for having fought against Islamic State

British Soldier taken to court in UK because he fought against Islamic State

I have believed for a very long time that Lewis Carroll didn't write Alice in Wonderland as a fictional story but as a true description of Britain where cuckoos reign supreme. A former British soldier is facing court charges of terrorism because he fought against a terrorist organisation called Islamic State, Daesh and so many other things.

Imagine the scenario in which during World War Two a British soldier had been arrested and taken to court accused of fighting against National Socialist Germany. It seems that apart from being related to  the acquisition of pornographic material registered as parliamentary expenses, the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith produced a monstruous piece of legislation that is being used for political purposes and to generate irrational court cases. Ah, by the way, Police resources and other resources including expenditure involving the Crown Prosecution Service are being lamentably wasted, once again, in cuckoo cases.

We live in a world in which Turkey (a NATO member) is fighting against a Kurdish group that is fighting against Islamic State, a Kurdish group that is supported by two other NATO members namely United Kingdom and the USA. To put it mildly, NATO is fighting against NATO.

But there is a lot more. You might have seen Prime Minister Theresa May during her visit to China, talking about building trade opportunities with China. Just a few days later a warship of the British Navy was sent to the Sea of China to 'put pressure on China'. You couldn't possibly make it up. Britain is sending ship to the Sea of China to try and put pressure on China the very same country the British Prime Minister recently visited to promote trade agreements.

For all that matters, the sending of a single ship to the Sea of China is a meaningless gesture that would have the same effect as the sending of the same ship to the Bermuda Triangle. The Royal Navy that could soon see their numbers cut - once again - with the dismantling of the Royal Marines is wasting money in meaningless gestures. Britain doesn't have enough ships to patrol its own costal waters and is having to borrow American planes to chase submarines because it doesn't have enough planes of her own.

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