Wednesday, 16 September 2015

After welcoming parties, come metallic fences, barbed wire, tear gas and water cannons

After welcoming parties, political expressions of support, street rallies calling for immigrants to be welcomed, come metallic fences, barbed wire, tear gas, water cannons and stringent border controls.

Suddenly, the demagogy of leaders like Angela Merkel, gives way to the reality of what flood immigration actually means.

The quota system was rejected and was bound to be rejected. The diktats of EU bureaucrats and politically correct politicians are faced with the realities of member countries that on this issue and on many other issues don't seem to see eye to eye.

As I was listening to Jeremy Corbyn on his maiden appearance in the House of Commons coming face to face with Prime Minister David Cameron, comments about cuts of Housing Benefits that led to an exodus from central areas of British cities, the question came to me: if they are complaining about a housing crisis, about people being thrown out of homes because of cuts of Housing Benefits, where do people think that the tens of thousands that will be arriving in coming months are going to live?

David Cameron, the Prime Minister that says No on Monday, Yes on Tuesday and Maybe on Wednesday, promised to accept tens of thousands of immigrants. How is this compatible with the realities of the Housing Crisis, the lack of GP surgeries, the lack of school places, the burden being imposed on public services? Well, it isn't.

You listen then to the rise of unemployment and the fact that employers are going to be taking in less employees as the new Living Wage comes into place. Less jobs and more people looking for jobs, many of whom not even speak the language of the country? They will need a place to live in. They will need a job or otherwise they will be locked up in the cycle of welfare dependency. Have any of the aforementioned concerns been taken into account?

Demagogy can please many people that sooner than later will end up terribly disappointed, desperate and angry, and anger is what we must be very afraid of because discontent will flock into the streets of Britain and then the scenes of fences, water cannons, tear gas and police deployment with riot gear will also be seen in the United Kingdom.

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