Saturday, 12 September 2015

Time for Principled Politics regardless of Ideology

You might agree or disagree with what Jeremy Corby stands for. Personally, what matters to me is Principled Politics regardless of ideological labels.

I am fed up to the back of my teeth of all the talk about Middle Ground. I am fed up of Middle Ground. I want politicians that stand for what they believe and tell things as they are.

For decades there has been the discussion about occupying the Middle Ground. What is the Middle Ground? A figure of speech, an invention to try and please everybody even if people don't have a clue about what is being promised. Get rid of Middle Grounds and give us the real McCoy. What do you stand for Sir/Madam? I look at the record of votes in the House of Commons of the last 25 years and I see a very disappointing reality with politicians pleasing their public and then doing exactly the opposite of what was promised.

They say that the new generations don't care about politics. Wrong. The new generations care about politics but they don't want demagogues. They want the real thing. The don't want scaremongers that tell them that the world is going to come to an end if the vote for this or for that. They want and they entitled to make their own mistakes, follow their own paths wherever those paths can take them to.

The British political system has been suffering from paralysis. The system has been clogged with professional politicians that stand for what is convenient for their own personal interests and their kind of politics has become a bit of the same wherever you look. Whether it is Conservative, Labour of Liberal Democrat, you know that they represent exactly the same interest groups and they are very comfortable switching chairs every four or five years to try and maintain the status quo, a status quo that has been a recipe for disaster.

Here comes a new face of politics. A man that challenged his own political party more than 500 times voting in the House of Commons and on the streets, talking about what he cares about and about what he believes. Once again, you might agree or disagree with Jeremy Corby but he is on record as being somebody who truly stands for what he believes.-

Karl Hohenstauffen

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