Monday, 16 February 2015

Conservatives talk about cutting benefits for children and young unemployed

With Ed Miliband talking about making Britain 'more like France' and David Cameron talking about cutting benefits for children and unemployed youths, both present and future look grim for millions of people.

France is being destroyed by unemployment and a rising tide of terrorist attacks and Britain call sub-employment that does not pay for pensions nor allows people to have decent living standards 'employment'.

The so-called buoyant economy is nothing of the sort. You don't even need to scratch the surface to see that millions of so-called jobs are a recipe for disaster.

Politicians have even stopped talking about the 'pensions gap' because the gap has become a gigantic hole when more and more people don't save for pensions because they simply don't have enough to pay for their daily expenses.

The mass media focus public attention on what is happening in Greece and this is a well-planned premeditated approach not to see what is happening in Britain.

Labour allowed in more than 10 million people and both Conservatives and Labour promoted flood immigration for different reasons. For the Conservative Party, flood immigration was the recipe to lower salaries and for Labour it was a means to get more Labour voters.

In the end, Conservative greed and Labour's stupidity have created an unsolvable problem and with every passing day things are getting worse. Firstly, people could not afford to pay for mortgages. Now, people cannot even afford to rent.

Working on 'zero hour contracts' or on commission, with unstable and badly paid pseudo jobs, the young are going to lose that last bit of help they had left.

A typical family gets about 20 Pound a week for the first child and about 13 Pound a week for a second child. Given prices in the economy and given what people get as income, it is less than peanuts.

When the Conservative Party talks about 'saving', you know that the most vulnerable are going to suffer and the worst bit of all is that there is not going to be any savings at all. The monies taken away from those in need are going to be squandered somewhere else.

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