Monday, 2 February 2015

Cathy Newman: When playing by the rules does not make a difference

Despite her impeccable credentials, Cathy Newman, a journalist that read English at Oxford University, was not allowed to enter a mosque in Streatham, London.

Dressed for the occasion in what would have been an ordinary visit by a newscaster to a religious temple as a part of a campaign organised by the Muslim Council of Britain to show openness.

In spite of Cathy Newman's explanations, those controlling access to the temple were not aware of the false image of openness being promoted by the mass media.

Reality on the ground is quite different and the actions of the followers of a religion that promotes gender segregation - many of whom accept female genital mutilation - are at odds with the 'religious marketing tools' of the so called Religion of Peace.

For the most part, conversions to the so called Religion of Peace leave a bitter taste in the mouth if you take into account that many so-called converts have carried out the most atrocious and barbaric acts of violence.

Those who killed Lee Rigby in a savage attack in East London were actually converts. One of the most famous - or should I say infamous - characters involved in terrorist attacks was also a convert. Samantha Louise Lewthwaite - the White Widow - born in Britain - is considered to be one of the Western world's most wanted terrorism suspects. She was married to Germaine Lindsay who, by the way, was also a convert.

To engage in a more detailed description of the acts of other so-called converts would be beyond the scope of the present article. Enough has been made public to show that there is something intrinsically wrong with a religion that more often than not is seen as murderous ideology.

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