Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Boris Johnson: terrorists are sexually frustrated individuals.

From the mass media
Young British jihadis are pornography-obsessed, inadequate, and only turn to radical Islam when they fail to “make it with girls”, Boris Johnson has claimed.
The Mayor of London said an Mi5 probe had found that terrorists who joined Islamic State were sexually frustrated, describing them as “literally w***ers”.
I will add that those Muslims who engage in terrorism and pedophilia have homosexual tendencies. Unsure about their manhood, they prey on boys and girls and events in Rotherham where more than 1,400 youngsters were abused by predominantly Pakistani gangs is a typical example.
I suspect that the reason behind gangs of sexual predators is that individual members fail to get an erection without seeing other naked men around them. Therefore the fundamental motivation is seeing other naked men and abuses committed against boys and girls are just the excuse to be surrounded by naked men.
When they are alone, their feelings of inferiority and inadequacy are so unbearable that any kind of violence acts as a release mechanism and this is why they try to engage in activities that make them feel like something that they are not: real men.
The act of running around with guns committing atrocities and/or engaging in sexual abuses makes them feel superior. Their ideas about segregation of women and their defense of female genital mutilation are very much part of the same picture: anything that degrades others or makes somebody else suffer is the antidote against their own feelings of inferiority.

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