Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rotherham and Sexual Abuses committed by ethnic gangs

Today, the subject of gang rape perpetrated predominantly by Asian gangs in the United Kingdom is no longer taboo subject but in 2001 the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC accused Nick Griffin of racism when Nick Griffin denounced gang rape that was by then widespread.

That was before the BBC was ousted as having carried out a series of cover ups to protect abusers that acted inside the BBC and under the umbrella of fame very much linked to the BBC.

BBC staff raised serious issues but the authorities of the BBC blatantly ignored their claims. With the same kind of approach and because denouncing ethnic crime in the United Kingdom was seen as racist, local authorities and even Police authorities were looking the other way and pretending that it was not happening at all.

Today, once again, Nick Griffin has been proven right and most of those who attack Nick Griffin for having raised the alert about gang rape are themselves talking about a scandal that has been going on for ages. The figures vary but if you take into account that the scandal has been happening for more than thirteen years we could talk about ten of thousands of children in the UK that have been targeted by Asian gangs and add to that the fact that many children are not just forced but also plied with drugs and alcohol to make them even more vulnerable before abusing them.

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