Saturday, 9 August 2014

Over-generalization and Stereotyping kill real politics

Over-generalization and Stereotyping are very useful tools when dealing with people who don't have the intellectual capabilities to accept that there are differences between members of what we see as one community as there are differences between individuals.

To say 'All Jews are this or that', all 'Muslims are this or that' is an easy way to demonize individuals merely by association.

Look at members of those you see as you peers or members of what you have defined as your community or the groups you belong to. Are they the same? Do they behave in the same way? Have they got the same values that you have got? Do they react in the same manner? If the answer is NO - and most probably the answer will be NO - this in itself shows how foolish and unrealistic is to issue judgments based on over-generalization and stereotypes.

The greatest tragedies have been caused - and continue to be caused -  by over-generalization and stereotyping.

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