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BNP to shake up Rotherham - Day of Action - Saturday 30th August 2014

For more than 13 years, the British National Party has been campaigning and denouncing the actions of Asian gangs in Rotherham and other British cities where children both boys and girls are targeted by sexual abusers. 

In 2001, then British National Party Chairman told the British Broadcasting Corporation about sexual crimes being committed while no politicians and no members of the Police Forces were doing anything to protect the victims. For political and ideological reasons both elected politicians and the Police tried to hide what was going on and ignored the pleas of victims and relatives of the victims.

Now, in 2014, even the BBC, itself rocked by a series of sexual abuses involving the BBC itself, show a great deal of hypocrisy regarding this and other issues.

But the situation is not limited to Rotherham. It has spilled into other British cities and the number of prosecutions is minimal given high level of criminality and the number of children affected by sexual abuses.

BNP to shake up Rotherham

Dear fellow patriot,


Join us this Saturday. Meeting time at 12 noon – Meeting point here

20 Stadium Way, Retail World, Parkgate
Rotherham, Yorkshire S60 1TG

We'll be demanding ex-Labour Police & Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright face criminal prosecution.

The children of Rotherham have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by the Labour Party – resignations are NOT enough!

It was BNP super-activist Marlene Guest whose 5 year campaign investigating the horrors of Muslim grooming gangs in her hometown of Rotherham, forced the independent inquiry after being supplied the mountain of research compiled by Marlene that they needed.

The following report revealed that a staggering 1,400 young girls had been gang raped and tortured – in Rotherham alone – by men of 'Pakistani heritage'.

“The horrific nature of these crimes is unimaginable and the level of betrayal of the people of Rotherham by the Labour Party staggering!” declared Adam Walker, Leader of the British National Party.

“The BNP is now demanding criminal prosecutions.

"The paedophile gangs must be hunted down and caged, and those in a position of authority who turned a blind eye to the suffering of our young girls must face the full force of the law!”

50 Labour Councillors and others ignored these crimes.

Resignations are not enough!

The BNP is demanding criminal charges be brought against the paedophiles, and all those on the council, in the social services and the police who neglected their duty.

Will you stand up for justice – can we count on you?
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FACT: Just ONE BNP Councillor would have blown the whistle!

64 local councillors in Rotherham and NOT ONE took action for the victims or against the Muslim gangs preying on our girls:

• 50 Labour Councillors
• 10 UKIP Councillors
• 2 Conservative Councillors
• 2 Independent Councillors

Just ONE BNP Councillor would have blown the whistle and stopped them getting away with these horrific crimes.

Are you a Rotherham voter? Your BNP vote could have saved hundreds of victims!
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1. Criminal investigations against all those in public office who covered up these crimes

2. Disciplinary action against staff who failed in their duty towards the victims

3. The introduction of recall so that voters can call an election and officials, like Shaun Wright, can be sacked

4. The detention and prosecution of all those involved in both the grooming and sexual abuse

5. Civil sanctions against all those who have been involved in the abuse or cover-up
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Time for action!

See you Saturday,

Clive Jefferson

P.S. BNP super-activist Marlene Guest won her 5 year campaign to force an independent inquiry into paedophile Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham. Resignations from those who covered up the horrific scandal are NOT good enough. The BNP is holding a day of action this Saturday in Rotherham to DEMAND criminal prosecutions. Can we rely on you?

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