Friday, 19 January 2018

National Action: British authorities and the mass media are trying to invent chocolate all over again

National Action: British authorities and the mass media are trying to invent chocolate all over again.

A headline published by The Independent on 8 September 2017 very much reflects the way of thinking of the British Establishment. They believe that banning a political organisation the said organisation will no longer exist. This is cuckooland thinking. You can ban and ban and ban and the organisation will continue to exist simply because it doesn't need to operate within a democratic framework.
A political movement (Politische Bewegung) doesn't have the constraints of a political party that needs to stay within the limits of the Electoral System. For many years, the British Establishment has been attempting to ban or derail Nationalist Political Parties like National Front, the British National Party, UKIP and others. The end result has been that unable to express their ideas within a democratic framework thousands of former political activists are now joining para-political organisations like National Action and others by the thousands either as members or sympathisers. These are the political realities that so called mainstream political parties have created and continue to promote.

Extremism can only be fought against in the ballot box. Using legislation introduced by now former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith designed to combat Islamic Terrorism to persecute individuals for political purposes will backfire in a big way. People are being sent to jail and kept in jail before they are even proven guilty of any alleged crimes. Habeas Corpus? Non existing. Detention without trial is the new reality and the whole burden of proof has been turned upside down. Before, everybody was innocent until proven guilty. Now, everybody is guilty before proven innocent. This is a mockery of the legal process and will completely destabilise British Society that is now run by the mobs. Even a Presidential visit of a duly elected US President was cancelled because of the pressure exerted by mobs and Universities are no longer centres for education but centres for political persecution and political discrimination. People are being kept in jail merely because they have been accused and we dare to criticise North Korea.

The Independent says that 'National Action is evading authorities by taking on new names - allegedly including Scottish Dawn and NS131 - in a technique used prolifically by Anjem Choudary's Islamist Network'. Is this news? For goodness sake, the said technique is as old as the world and the authorities should have foreseen that as soon as one name gets banned another name will pop up. The newspaper reports that a former detective said Police are left powerless to arrest neo-Nazis under new names. It takes weeks or months to take a case to Court and by the time the case is dealt in court names would have changed a few times. They are chasing smoke clouds driven by Political Correctness that is leading to violations of fundamental Human Rights.

A woman stands in court accused of composing, singing and posting on Internet a song that is according to the accusing party 'detrimental and deeply offensive to Jews'. They forget to mention that in the song Alison Chabloz deeply criticizes Jewish violations of Human Rights in Palestine. Keeping Palestinians in deplorable conditions is something that they are willing to forget about because 70 or so years ago Jews were persecuted in Europe. The Gaza Strip has been carpet bombed a few times, ten of thousands of Palestinian homes were destroyed and scores (thousands of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children were either killed, maimed or injured but all is forgiven because 70 or so years ago Jews were persecuted in Europe). So anyone who engages in criticism, condemning abuses in Palestine is due to be silenced by being accused of being a Nazi, a Fascist, an anti-Semite and so forth. This is the logic of Political Correctness that certain minorities are openly and abusively using to defend what is indefensible from a Human Right standpoint.

In Britain, there are stringent laws to deter people from engaging in acts of violence and the present political environment amounts to repression that will produce the pressure cooker effect. Those promoting repression will produce exactly what they are trying to avoid. People need to be able to vent their anger without engaging in acts of violence but the more we are made to feel that we live in a Police State the worse things will be.

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