Friday, 5 January 2018

Alison Chabloz on trial

Alison Chabloz on trial

The outspoken British singer is yet another victim among those who actually believe that there is Freedom of Speech - or in her case Freedom to Sing.

There isn't Freedom of Speech when a minority is able to oppress the majority imposing a regime of fear in which people end up being afraid of saying anything just in case it might lead them to trouble.

Why Jews were so hated for centuries? There are fundamental reasons for that. Some of them were what we could define as parasites that using money to exert undue influence generated a life of misery for millions.

They did it before when they benefited directly from European wars, selling weapons and 'investing on all sides'. This is the reason why an English King decided to throw them out of England centuries ago. Whether in England, Germany, Spain or in several other countries they were usually identified as exploiters and addicted to use every subterfuge for their own selfish interests regardless of the consequences.

The Middle East and what happens in Palestine is clear example of such behaviour. After coming as refugees at the end of World War Two and after  been given the opportunity to create a homeland for themselves, they decided that what they received in 1948 was not enough and then proceeded to try and take everything else. Two State Solution? No way. They are now planning to annex the West Bank and soon they will turn their anger against the Gaza Strip that they have carpet bombed destroying ten of thousands of family homes and leaving a wake of corpses of men, women and children in the process.

Murder became a synonym of Israel and despite calls made by the Organisation of the United Nations, Israel continues to violate fundamental Human Rights imprisoning children in prisons for adults.Anybody who dares to criticize Israel's violations ends up being called Nazi, Fascist and Racist notwithstanding the fact that Israel prepares itself to expel African refugees 'because Israel wants to maintain the Jewish identity of Israel'. Are the ones in charge of implementing such policies the descendants of those who complained about ill treatment under National Socialist Germany?

The policies of occupation and annexation that they so much criticise when implemented by others are fully supported by the Jewish State of Israel that is the implementation of Mein Kampf  (If you can take it and you can keep it, it is yours). Next time somebody talks about National Socialist Germany, look at what Israel is doing in Palestine.

Israel is a theocratic racist state that will stop at nothing to get its way. Zionists are worst than the ones they criticise.

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