Tuesday, 25 July 2017

British National Party: Monies presumably donated to the party appear to end up in its National Treasurer's pockets

Records of the Electoral Commission indicate that monies presumably given to the British National Party as legacies are shown as loans the organisation will have to pay to Clive Jefferson who happens to be the National Treasurer. For an organisation that has less than a thousand members, claims for hundreds of thousands of Pounds as 'Administration Costs' seem to be absolutely disproportionate.

Those donating monies to the British National Party in the form of legacies should think very carefully, especially when the said legacies seem to be diverted into the pockets of its National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and then resurface as loans made to the British National Party.

Fears that the British National Party has ceased to be a political party to become a cash-cow for the benefit of a few individuals including its National Treasurer seem to be absolutely justified. The information provided to and by the Electoral Commission in the United Kingdom is extremely worrying.

From being a so called Far Right political party, the British National Party has been turned into a Far Wrong political party - although to qualify the British National Party as a political party would be a bit of an exaggeration since its has practically no representation in the United Kingdom and it merely managed to stand about ten candidates in the recent General Election only to lose all the deposits.

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