Friday, 28 July 2017

British Farming: 70% of Britain's land mass is dedicated to farming

Farming is done on 70% of Britain's land mass and this is not little achievement.

There are about 220 farm holdings in the United Kingdom, raging in size from 20 hectares to 100 hectares. But despite highly skilled farmers, advanced technology, the high quality of soil and financial subsidies, the income farmers receive in low due to market prices, the cost of land and the scarcity of land for rental.

The age average of farm holders is 59 and this is why it is vital to keep people in agriculture. The total area devoted to agricultural holdings is about 171 thousand square kilometres and this rises to about 180 square kilometres if we include areas devoted to grazing.

British farming is heavily mechanised and intensive but given the size of Britain's population the country cannot meet food requirements and much of the food consumed in United Kingdom has to be imported.

The lion in terms of agricultural yield is England because in Wales 80% of farmland is classified as Less Favoured Area (lower agricultural yield) and the percentage of less fertile lands rises to 84% in Scotland.

In fact, the country produces barely 59% of the food it consumes and this is happening because of rising population. Therefore, if you wish to make an argument against Flood Immigration, your argument would be 'we cannot afford Flood Immigration because we already are under huge stress to try and feed the population that we already have'.

To counter Liberalism and Marxism, the best argument is built on irrefutable facts and the facts coming from Farming are irrefutable. With the quality of land that we have got and despite the technological advances and know-how, the country should be working on the basis of Zero Immigration, at least.

Seven years ago, the country exported £14 billion worth of food and had to import £32.5 billion worth of food. Therefore, we were £18.5 billion in the red in order to feed those living in Britain. Farming does not seem to appear in the Liberal and Marxist political discourse. Liberals and Marxists look at farmers with disdain because in their minds Farmers are allies of the Ruling Elites or of the rich landowners, when in fact the country depends on farming for its own survival and very often farmers have to struggle to stay afloat. It must be said that most of what Liberals and Marxists know about farming is what they see when they visit a local supermarket.

"We need more housing, they say. We must build more houses." Why? To keep bringing in more and more people that will destabilise even more what is already a very precarious existence. If the land cannot sustain a bigger population, then population should be reduced towards the production optimum. If we can only manage to produce about 59% of the food the country needs, this means that the country is grossly over-populated.


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