Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Turkey supports Islamic State

Now Turkish President Erdogan said in 1997: "The Mosques are our Barracks, the Domes our Helmets, the Minarets our  Bayonets and the Faithful our Soldiers".

This is the man in charge in Turkey that is attacking Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurds who are fighting against Islamic State.

Turkey is a de-facto Terrorist State, a small detail that Frau Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (still), and others choose to ignore.

If Europe makes pacts with Terrorists, Europe will be hit over and over again by Terrorism. Let us remember that those who carried out the attacks in Paris were supported by Turkey because President Erdogan is very much one of them.

Never mind if Saddam Hussein gassed Kurds in Iraq. Erdogan is killing Kurds in Turkey, in Iraq and in Syria and today added another lamentable chapter to his record: he shot down a Russian plane in an unprovoked attack and is also responsible for the killing not only of the pilots but also of those who came to rescue the pilots.

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