Thursday, 19 November 2015

Muslim terror attacks continue unabated but we shouldn't allow ourselves to become Extremists

Islamic or Muslim is just a game of words. The fact remains that individuals clearly identified with the Muslim faith have killed more than 120 people in Paris in a coordinated series of premeditated attacks with clear intent to destroy lives.

This is the image of Mohammed that ISIS is promoting across the world despite the fact that the vast majority of Muslims across the world would never get involved in acts of violence like the ones perpetrated in Paris just a few days ago.

Of course, trying to depict every single Muslim as a terrorist is both unfair and irrational. Unfortunately, this is what ISIS is promoting. ISIS is openly attempting to create divisions by turning people who have lived peacefully against each other.

It is fundamentally important to counter Extremists but it must be done in a such a way that the solutions implemented do not end up alienating more and more people. The images of Paris must not be used to make people forget about the miseries millions of people are facing across the Middle East, Asia Minor and Africa where oppression, corruption, extreme poverty and extremely unwise Western policies have generated a living nightmare.

Just a few months ago, the actions of a few led to the death of thousands in Gaza. More than 10,000 Palestinian men, women and children injured, more than 2,000 Palestinian men, women and children killed and more than 97,000 homes were destroyed.

Across the World, it must be remembered that Muslims that are not involved in acts of violence themselves are being murdered in campaigns of retaliation and that millions are being forced to survive in inhumane conditions and their suffering is being blatantly ignored.

Sadiq Khan MP, the Labour Party Mayoral Candidate, asked Muslim communities in the United Kingdom to do more to tackle radicals.

Sadiq Khan called today on his fellow Muslims 'not to bury our heads in the sand' over the scale of extremism in the United Kingdom and to do more to root out radicalisation.

Of course the actions of Muslim communities in the United Kingdom are an essential factor to tackle Extremists but let's not forget the direct consequences of extremely bad Western Foreign Policies that have contributed to the destabilization of entire regions of the world.

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