Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wars - the Unavoidable Crisis

The Unavoidable Crisis

We are walking towards a catastrophe with closed eyes. Blindfolded by politicians and mass media, we have overlooked some of the most serious issues. Mapping the Human Genome that was supposed to give us the key or be the tool to acquire the necessary knowledge to confront serious illnesses has been declared a waste of time.

Having said that, in the meantime, World Population has gone beyond the mark of 7 billion and demographic rises are mainly taking place in countries that can ill afford any population increases. As the said countries cannot support such population increases, we see mass migration towards the so called Developed World and this in turn creates a massive crisis in the Developed World.

As Robert Malthus stated, population increases can only be controlled by illnesses, famine, wars and cultural values. When cultural values are absent, then the other three factors play a fundamental role to counter a demographic explosion.

World Wars act as culls. It is estimated that during World War Two more than 60 million people lost their lives as a direct consequence of the war. Very much as it happens in the natural world, from time to time, there is a catastrophe that kills millions of individuals in order to protect ecological systems and somehow restore the natural balance.

Therefore, another World War is on the cards. The issue is not if such war will happen but when it will happen.

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