Thursday, 21 June 2012

The MP says but the Party says…

It might about the closure of a hospital or the reduction of local budgets, whatever the issue you can almost be certain that the so called mainstream political parties will contradict themselves publicly to maintain the support of brainless individuals who believe a pack of lies.

When you vote for any of the so called mainstream political parties you really don’t know what you are voting for. One group of the representatives of the so called mainstream political parties will support one position and another group will support exactly the opposite position. People will go to the polls and vote for a certain political party and they will be voting for thin air because none of the so called political parties have a clear political will and/or the commitment to deliver what they promise.

Starting with Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, he says one thing and does another but with the help of the mass media he has little to fear and this is why he and others go to bed with the mass media. After all, we live in a country in which less than 40 per cent of those entitled to vote actually vote.

Most decisions are made in a backroom and we know very little regarding what is being done on our behalf. We don’t have the power to change anything and this is why there is a certain danger that sooner than later political vigilantes will do the unthinkable in a context of generalized political apathy. 

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