Monday, 23 April 2018

Germany: Political Persecution on the rise

Germany: Rising Political Persecution

In 1994, there were 5,982 cases of political persecution. In 2016, the number had risen to 327,711 and things keep getting worse as the ruling elites feel increasingly threatened and they seek to ban, exclude or discriminate against anybody who can challenge their power.

Attempts to ban NPD Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutshclands are ongoing and they would go against AfD Alternative für Deutschland had not been that AfD is now the official opposition in Parliament and replaced CDU/CSU in places like Saxony and CSU segments are becoming very close to AfD.

Britain is playing catch up using anti-Terror laws for political persecution, threats and intimidation and the powers of MI5 and Police authorities are also being increased but looking at what is happening in Germany it is plainly visible that in Germany political persecution has reached epidemic proportions.

People are being persecuted and imprisoned and books are being burnt. Even waving the present German Flag can be considered a crime. Copies of books and publications are confiscated and burnt and most of it is done secretly because should this become widely known it would destroy the image people have about Germany being a democracy. Thinking - not just talking, writing and publishing - is considered a crime.

There are currently more political prisoners in Germany than in the now former German Democratic Republic DDR.

The Great Spying Assault (Großer Lauschangriff) has been in full swing since the 1990s, legalizing constant residential surveillance with microphones and cameras and prosecutions are carrried out against both German and Foreign Nationals. When in court, defense attorneys are deprived of the right to present evidence to prove innocence, making a mockery of the judicial process. To add to injustice, no records are kept thus depriving those who are accused of mounting an appeal. Whatever is said in court is not recorded and if accused a person is guaranteed to be convicted because the outcome of the trial is determined before the trial even begins in what is known as 'Chambers of State Protection'.

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