Monday, 26 March 2018

In Scotland a man was convited of teaching a dog to raise its leg

In Scotland a man was convicted of teaching a dog to raise its leg

Mark Meechan was convited by Sheriff O'Carroll in Scotland after being accused of promoting anti-Semitism for teaching his girlfriend's dog to raise its leg imitating a National Socialist Salute. How poor the world of comedy would be if everybody was to be judged by Sheriff O'Carroll?

Freddy Starr
How many movies could not have been made because making a salute or wearing an uniform could have been said to promote anti-Semitism? How many comedy acts would have been banned?

My personal opinion is that Sheriff O'Carroll is spending too much time in courtrooms and too much time listening to the muses of Political Correctness. He should spend more time watching satyre and comedies to be able to enter the real world.

It is also my opinion that he is ridiculed the entire Scottish Justice System making the Scottish Justice System a laughing stock.

The video went around the world for the enjoyment of countless viewers.

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