Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Legal Highs: More lethal than Nuclear Bombs

Legal or illegal, the fact is that drugs including tobacco and alcohol have killed more people and destroyed more families than nuclear bombs have ever killed.

If you add the walking dead to the number of people who lost their lives because of drug addiction the number grows exponentially.

As the poster mentions, seizures, black-outs, memory loss, heart problems and strokes are very much part of the direct consequences.
The so called buzz of drugs can affect an even greater number of people including those whose lives are negatively affected by the mere existence of drug-addicts. The social cost is immense added to the burden of services increasingly eroded having to cope with an increasing number of addicts of all ages.

The long term effects are even worse if you think about generations upon generations of unborn children that are going to pay a very high price because of the behaviour of drug-addicts.

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