Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Udo Voigt - first NPD representative in the EU Parliament

Udo Voigt, a German politician - former aviation engineer and Captain in the German Army, born on 14 April 1952, is now a brand new member of the European Parliament representing NPD - National Democratic Party of Germany. 
As UKIP rises in the British Political world pushing down the British National Party, Nationalism is on the rise across Europe.
The Front National came first in elections in France. In Germany, NPD gets its first representative in the European Parliament.
In Greece, Golden Dawn gets three members elected to the European Parliament despite organized repression and deliberate attacks against members of Golden Dawn.
Each Nationalist political party is doing its best in the harshest of political conditions and against all odds.
In Germany there have been repeated attempts to ban NPD but the German Electorate, despite state repression, got their man elected. As former Chairman of NPD and given its profile as engineer and military man, Udo Voigt looks and sounds like an excellent choice.

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