Monday, 10 February 2014

EU and Greens: Saving the environment and killing people

Under the flood waters in Somerset there is farming land and homes because the Green idiots in their campaigns to supposedly save the planet are killing farming communities in the United Kingdom.

British communities are up in arms witnessing the destruction caused by European Union policies about the environment that did not allow the implementation of policies that could have mitigated the damage caused by flood waters. "Saving birds and plants is more important that saving people" is what more and more people in the United Kingdom are complaining about as they see their homes and their livelihoods go under water because the EU did not allow waterways to be dredged.

The cost for British communities is immense and comes on top of billions of Pounds paid into the coffers of the EU at a time when EU officials say that more than 120 billion Pound have gone amiss within an organisation that has not been able to produce verifiable accounts.

The EU is an unmitigated disaster and there is more to come. 

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