Saturday, 19 January 2019

Question Time and Diane Abbot: Lack of definitions?

Question Time and Dianne Abbot: Lack of definitions?

Diane Abbott MP
First and foremost, this is not just about Diane Abbott. Yes, she felt that she was unduly treated, but the essence of the problem is the lack of well defined answers. Given the lack of precise answers, people get exasperated. Merely attacking Prime Minister Theresa May without specifically saying what are the alternatives proposed or what exactly the Labour Party is willing to compromise on will generate exasperation.

The Conservative representative explained the situation with absolute clarity. If you want a deal that can be agreed by a sizeable majority, Members of Parliament will have to express in writing what they are willing to accept.

The Scottish National Party put it very clearly. The SNP doesn't want any deal. All SNP wants is to remain in the European Union. Therefore, they will never agree on any deal. If you say that Immigration and Freedom of Movement is non negotiable then those who oppose Immigration and Freedom of Movement and those who want Immigration and Freedom of Movement will not be able to agree because the two positions are incompatible.

If you want a Customs Union and a Common Market you have to live under EU Regulations and therefore you will not be able to negotiate independent agreements with other countries outside the EU. Moreover, having a Customs Union and a Common Market means having to accept Immigration and Freedom of Movement that are sine qua non requirements of the European Union.

No Deal is the default option and the logical option. With No Deal you don't have a Customs Union and a Common Market and you are able to sign up bilateral deals that will suit your particular circumstances and you are able to control immigration flows. 

There was always immigration of one kind or another long before there was an European Union. People have been able to move around and go from one country into another as long as they met the minimum requirement for entry. Will Britain stop accepting immigrants when Britain leaves the European Union? Of course not.  

Many Members of Parliament and not only Diane Abbott find themselves unable to provide precise answers. Despite talking about a Deal, the Liberal Democrats don't want any deal. All they want is to stay in the European Union. Those who say that they want a Common Market and a Customs Union are actually saying that they want to stay in the European Union.

Delays are just a way of playing for time with the hope of getting rid of Brexit and this is why those who want to remain are constantly talking about extensions. 

Friday, 18 January 2019

British Agents killed Alexander Litvinenko to protect Boris Berezovsky

British Agents killed Alexander Litvinenko to protect Boris Berezovsky

Andrei Lugovoi: Russian hero used as scapegoat by British criminals
It is not secret that British Intelligence agents are involved in criminal activities not just overseas but also inside the United Kingdom.

For many years, the Russian Federation had been asking for a crooked Boris Berezovsky to be sent back for his involvement not just in fraudulent activities but also because of his support for AlQaeda and Taliban and his support for Chechen rebels allied to AlQaeda and Taliban at a time when British troops were facing AlQaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan.

The British Establishment knew about Boris Berezovsky anti-British activities but looked the other way because Boris Berezovsky was linked to CIA. His lieutenant Alexander Litvinenko was very much aware of Boris Berezovsky's activities as he himself was involved. His conversion to Islam was the tip of the iceberg. But Alexander Litvinenko had other concerns that at one point were more of a priority. He and his family wanted to return to the Russian Federation and his association with Boris Berezovsky was not helping him. 

At this point in time, Andrei Lugovoi was sent to London to talk with Alexander Litvinenko to reach an agreement. In exchange for safe passage for him and his family back to the Russian Federation, Alexander Litvinenko would provide vast amounts of evidence that would compromise the British position making untenable their support for Boris Berezovsky. British agents had to act and act fast to prevent a major scandal caused by Boris Berezovsky anti-British activities. The obvious solution: British Intelligence agents killed Alexander Litvinenko and blamed Russia for it. A gigantic criminal cover up in which Mario Scaramella, an Italian journalist with links with both the Mafia and the CIA was involved.

After the demise of Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian Federation still wanted to follow the legalistic way to take Boris Berezovsky back to be made accountable. I was asked by Russian agents to travel abroad to gather evidence of Boris Berezovsky's terrorist activities. The idea was that I as a member of the British Far Right would not be detected and could easily bring back to Britain the evidence that could then be used to destroy Boris Berezovsky and show what British authorities had been doing.

Having worked for the Security Services under a Military Dictatorship in Latin America in the 1970 and 1980s, being involved in Operation Condor, I had a wide range of links that would allow me to operate freely and with ease to get every bit of evidence required. Opportunistic enough, British Intelligence agents got rid of Boris Berezovsky days before I was due to travel abroad. Boris Berezovsky could not be extradited but at least he was out of the way for good. 

Capital Punishment was abolished in Russia in 1996. Despite the enormity of his crimes - had Boris Berezovsky been sent to Russia - he would have ended up in jail but the British government made sure that he had the Death Penalty instead. Game over. His terrorist activities came to an end in an attempt by British authorities to prevent a major political and geopolitical scandal.

Life being life, in Britain, political persecution goes on unabated. On April 4th, 2018, I was stopped at London Heathrow Airport and subjected to interrogation about the reasons I had to travel to Moscow and was also asked who I was working for. Total ineptitude of those entrusted to protect Britain. As if that wasn't enough, I was visited by two British Intelligence officers in my own home and subjected to a two hour interrogation and told that I should not apply for a job because my application would be rejected. But it did not end there. 
Well, notoriety has a price, but it doesn't stop me from doing what I have to do. Britain is corrupt to the core and vital sectors of Britain - including its Armed Forces - have been infiltrated by Extremists. National Action is a minute ingredient of the entire recipe. There is a lot more than that and is being financed by foreign elements.

I will fully support Russian efforts to combat International Terrorism. The Russian Federation is on the right track doing what is needed to prevent terrorist attacks and in so doing it is protecting countries that are constantly targeting Russia and treating Russia as a foe when Russia is around to even protect those that see Russia as an enemy.

This article was written by Carlos Cortiglia - 2012 Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party - and published by the London Regional Press Office

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Does the Leave Means Leave Campaign want peoples' support? Really?

Does the Leave Means Leave Campaign want peoples' support? Really?

I bought a ticket, I received the ticket by email and later on during the same evening I got another email cancelling the ticket and telling me that I violated the terms and conditions of Leave Means Leave (this was going to be my first event) and that I had been banned from attending any future events. I asked for an explanation and none was provided. By the way, there are five votes in my household. Do they want our votes? Really? If a second referendum takes place, should we support Leave Means Leave? Mmmmm....... we might have to think very hard about it. The behaviour of Leave Means Leave is contemptible.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Germany: The victims are those called Far Right attacked by Left Wing Criminals

Germany: The victims are those called Far Right attacked by Left Wing Criminals

The Political Establishment and the mass media want you to believe that those called Far Right are monsters when in fact it is exactly the opposite. Left Wing Criminals are regularly attacking those called Far Right and destroying political headquarters of so called Far Right parties who are legal organisations taking part in the legal and democratic life in Germany.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Attacks against political parties and political party members have been blessed by the Political Establishment

Attacks against political parties and political party members have been blessed by the Political Establishment

Owen Jones (The Guardian) - Anna Soubry MP

Both Owen Jones and Anna Soubry MP promoted and celebrated attacks against political parties and political party members.

Owen Jones actively supports thugs that engage in political violence and his writings are not conducive to peaceful political coexistence but since the National Union of Journalist has an active agenda that leads to persecution discrimination, harassment and violence this doesn't come as a surprise. 

It remains to be seen if the aforementioned would remember what happened in 1930s Germany and perhaps learnt a few lessons from it because the kind of realities that they promote are certainly leading Britain to become 1930s Germany, especially when nowadays political violence in Germany is on the rise and Britain will soon become a reflection of it. They both lamented the death of Jo Cox MP but they don't seem to understand that their behaviour is putting people in danger.

If we don't respect each other and if we don't care for each other, regardless of our political differences, Britain will be the new Weimar Republic.  

Simon Darby offers his account of an event during which Owen Jones was filmed celebrating political violence.

"Since the College Green assault on the BNP’s newly elected MEPs in 2009 has come in to focus, I’ll share a few recollections of the event. I do so for the purpose of making people aware of the increasingly desperate manoeuvres by the power structure in this country, approaching March 29th, to officially reclassify some 17.4 million people as far-right extremists.
Tuesday 9th June 2009 just a couple of days after the BNP’s incredible breakthrough in the European elections and it was my job to sort out a press conference. Having myself obtained 122,000 votes (8.6%) across the West Midlands I was somewhat disappointed not to be on the podium, but the show had to go on.
It was my idea to host the event at College Green, right outside Parliament, since whilst working at the GLA I had done a number of interviews from that same location. I found it to be secure, most of the time crawling with police and easily accessible to the world’s press. More than this though, with Parliament in the background any images would tend to visually turbocharge our breakthrough and help cement the achievement in the public’s mind.
Both Nick and Andrew were happy with the idea, but BNP security were concerned about the complexities of operating in London. Far from “BNP Thugs” our security team was a highly disciplined, politically savvy synthesis of ex-military, martial arts experts and doormen from some of the roughest cities and towns across the UK.
Those initial concerns were alleviated by the use of special forces grade communications equipment allowing extraction vehicles to be in close orbit to the event at all times away from the prying eyes and ears of the boys in blue. That proved to be a very wise move with this particular choice of winners enclosure.
All progressed smoothly enough at first, I was pleased with the size of the snarling press pack I had conjured up knowing we would not be wasting our time. Then all of a sudden I heard chants and out of the corner of my eye I saw a hundred strong herd of far-left zombies was shuffling towards us.
I don’t need to say what happened next as the attack has been seen by most. There are however photos of myself at the event with a look of shock on my face almost as if I’m smiling. How on earth, in one of the tightest security zones in the country, do a mob of one hundred assailants at first assemble, then walk unhindered, right outside Westminster, to deliver a sustained uninterrupted ten minute assault on democratically elected MPs?
It goes without saying that the far left and the media, if there is a difference, co-operate to facilitate violent intimidation. BBC and Channel 4 get the money shot and the left alienate support amongst the middle classes and delegitimise our message. However, in the College Green case the only conclusion you could draw was that certain elements within the police were playing the game too. It was a pattern repeated often over the next few years.
As for the attack itself I remember the bizarre giant rugby scrum that ensued, moving with a momentum and shape akin to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the Andromeda Galaxy. Thanks to security nobody was hurt, although I did feel sorry for young Jay from Essex. Attached closely to Nick he continued to take blows whilst protecting him, resisting the obvious urge to retaliate which he was capable of doing most effectively.
As is nearly always the case with left wing violence against nationalists, nobody gets charged. My local police took it all very seriously, but the Met conveniently mislaid the file. In fact the only person they pursued with interest was one of our security team who extracted us with his expert defensive driving. Maybe they wanted to recruit him.
What “robust action” the police will take against people ”harassing” the likes of Anna Soubry and Owen Jones is unknown. However I can tell you for sure that ANTIFA and other violent leftist groups will not be classified as domestic terrorists. Their members will not be charged with belonging to an illegal organisation. Their organisers, journalists and serving police officers will not be arrested for conspiracy to incite violent disorder. Union backers will not have their funds seized under anti-terrorist legislation and The Electoral Commission will not be disbanded for allowing violence and intimidation to undermine our democratic system for decades. If they were merely football hooligans, well that would be a very different matter."

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The use of the words Nazi and Fascist is not news

The use of the words Nazi and Fascist is not news

|Anne Soubry MP
Much has been said about the fact that a demonstrator told Anne Subry MP 'you are a Nazi'. 

Anne Soubry should be comforted by the fact the Labour Party followers and representatives, Liberal Democratic Party followers and their representatives, Green Party members and their representatives, trade union members and their representatives, et cetera, et cetera, call members of the United Kingdom Independence Party and their representatives Nazi and Fascist.

In fact, they tend to call Nazi and Fascist anyone that they disagree with.

Non only that, those associated with the aforementioned have physically attacked those that they call Nazi and Fascist.

The UAF (official name United against Fascism) and that I call "United against Freedom" that many MPs fully support periodically engages in name calling exercises and hostile acts leading to violence and bodily harm.

The mass media eagerly cooperate in the demonising of political representatives including those linked to UKIP  but UKIP itself has been found wanting when, across the board, banned anybody who at one point in time was a member of other organisations also categorised as Nazi and Fascist.

Coming from Members of Parliament the over-reaction is nothing more than yet another example of sheer hypocrisy because the environment of hatred has been promoted by Members of Parliament who led to the name calling culture and discrimination against those they don't like or do not agree with.

In today's Britain, people who have been/were  members of certain legal political organisations are banned from employment in certain branches of public organisations and those who having been employed for a certain time are found to have been members of the said legal political organisations face the sack and not just from employment in the public sector. 

Not long ago, Richard Barnbrook, former Labour Party Member, who joined the British National Party and was elected London Assembly Member, was told by authorities of a well-known English University that despite his knowledge and credentials he was going to be rejected because of his political background.

Political discrimination exists in the United Kingdom and it has been deemed acceptable by Members of Parliament like Anne Soubry. Therefore, she should search her own conscience to see that she is just suffering the consequences of what Members of Parliament like herself have promoted.

Just hours ago, in Germany, a representative of Alternative für Deutschland was brutally attacked by a gang of the German equivalent of the UAF, and headquarters of Alternative für Deutschland have been the targets of politically motivated attacks. This is the direct consequence of intolerance promoted by so called mainstream political parties and politicians for whom the ends justify the means. They are eager to justify such attacks but then cry foul when they - the original perpetrators - are targeted.    

List of Members of Parliament and former Members of Parliament that were founding signatories of the United Against Fascism organisation: 

Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, Peter Hain MP, David Hanson MP, Adam Price MP, Barbara Follett MP, Diane Abbott MP, John Cryer MP, John Trickett MP, Keith Vaz MP, Peter Bottomley MP, Alice Mahon MP, Alan Meale MP, Ian Gibson MP, Sir Teddy Taylor MP, Harry Cohen MP, Betty Williams MP, Ken Purchase MP, Laura Moffatt MP, Peter Bradley MP, Vera Baird MP, Bill Etherington MP, Edward Garnier MP, Roger Berry MP, Angela Smith MP, Brian Iddon MP, Anthony Steen MP, Mike Hancock MP, Colin Pickthall MP, Clive Betts MP, Janet Anderson MP, Neil Gerrard MP, Jane Griffiths MP, Brian Donohue MP, Helen Clark MP, Terry Davis MP, Janet Dean MP, Adrian Bailey MP, David Cameron MP, Louise Ellman MP, Eric Illsley MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Ernie Ross MP, Rob Marris MP, Martin Caton MP, Jim Sheridan MP, Martin Jones MP, Paul Tyler MP, Colin Challen MP, David Wright MP, Rudi Vis MP, Tony Worthington MP, Derek Watts MP, Julie Morgan MP, Rev W Martin Smyth MP, Diana Organ MP, Doug Henderson MP, Barry Gardiner MP

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Alternative für Deutschland Representative seriously beaten in politically motivated attack

Alternative für Deutschland Representative seriously beaten in politically motivated attack

If other political parties say that this is acceptable they must be willing to pay the ultimate price.

This is Germany today and more and more Germans understand that the so called Antifa are the real extremists.

Liberals and Left-Wing have returned Germany to the 1930s and they will have to deal with the consequences.
This could end up being murder, political murder, carried out by Antifa. This is the real face of Antifa, a bunch of criminals with intent to murder those who dare to have a different point of view. He was attacked by the German UAF, the German Hope Not Hate, the creepy crawlies that go around terrorising people they don't agree with.