Wednesday, 17 July 2019

July 24 2019 - Britain will have a new Prime Minister and a quite a few less Conservative MPs

July 24 2019 - Britain will have a new Prime Minister and a quite a few less Conservative MPs

Image result for philip hammondOn July 24th 2019, Britain will have a brand new Prime Minister and if words are to be trusted  several Conservative Members of Parliament including Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, would be out of the Cabinet and possibly out of the Conservative Party as other prominent names  that have publicly announced that they stand to vote down a Conservative government. Not a promising beginning. But if there is any hint of a major rebellion, depending on who is elected Leader of the Conservative Party, there could not be a Parliament standing as Boris Johnson indicated that to prevent Parliament from trying to block Brexit he as Prime Minister is willing to prorogue Parliament.

Some rebel Conservatives have said that should the new Prime Minister prorogue Parliament then they would assemble outside the Houses of Parliament. In 2017, Theresa May misjudged the public mood and called a General Election. This could be the Labour Party's turn to misjudge the mood of the public. 

The outcome of recent local elections and of the European Parliament Elections are food for thought for both Labour and Conservatives. If there is a General Election in the automn  then we will know if the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party will be able to capitalize on Labour and Conservatives' troubles. I reckon that despite everything that is being said to mass media, both Labour and Conservatives will try to avoid a General Election.

Entangled in the anti-Semitism row, the Labour Party is in dire shape. About 67 Labour Party Members of the House of Lords had a letter published criticizing what some have defined as institutional anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Brexit. There is little time for anything else.


Monday, 15 July 2019

Brexit: Johnson, Hunt or Farage?

Having heard the three of them, I say that my first choice is Nigel Farage but since he cannot be Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister then we are left with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. 

Jeremy Hunt is neither tea nor coffee. He doesn't have a leg to stand on. I feel he is the kind of Leader that chooses to be lead instead of leading and that he will succumb to both internal and external pressure.

Boris Johnson appears to be the strongest of the two but I feel he is a bit of a school boy trying to please everybody.

We need a gut cutter. We need the beast that will cut the troat of Parliament if there is the need to do so to implement Brexit for real.

If need be, the struggle will have to be taken to the streets.Just a few day ago, a group of guys set EU flags on fire using a blowtorch and went against a BBC crew standing on the green near the Houses of Parliament.

Turncoats need to be shown that when things really matter there are those ready to reach for the sword to send a clear message. We know where the BBC and other segments of mass media stand. They have actively promoted fear telling the public that if Britain becomes independent the world as we know it will come to an end. They care more about what the EU mandarins want and are willing to do their dirty work.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

President Putin: Russian Nationalism supporting British Nationalism

President Putin: Russian Nationalism supporting British Nationalism

The Russian Federation is fully committed supporting British Nationalists and Christian values and very much stands against Islamic Terrorism. This becomes apparent in both words and action as the Russian Federation also stands for a more stable world using its might and its influence to counter Globalisation that is a new form of slavery.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the forces of division and fragmentation will be redoubling its efforts in coming months to act against peoples' genuine interests. On my way to Moscow on April 4th 2018, I was atopped at Heathrow Airport by the idiots of British Security Services and subjected to a full blown interrogation - Why are you going to Moscow? Who do you work for? et cetera, et cetera. On my way back from Moscow, I was visited in London by two mental retards  that subjected me yet again to another political interrogation. Well, they are becoming ever more desperate. In the meantime, the Islamic threat in Britain keeps growing while the country is being weakened by so called mainstream political parties. Do you know the strength in terms of manpower of the British Armed Forces? About 82,000 including all British forces. Do you know the estimated strength of the Russian Armed Forces? About a million not counting the more than 1.5 million trained reservists. Conservatives, Labour and all the other creepy crawlies will make you believe that you are safe when the United Kingdom is being demographically destroyed by political correctness.

The truth is that less and less people are coming forward to join the British Armed Forces. Why? They don't trust their own goverment. The situation got to a point when Parliament passed legislation to allow people coming from other countries to join the British Armed Forces to make up the numbers. This is not happening in wartime. This is happening in peacetime. British military strategy reminds us of Singapore during World War Two. They had artillery but the British artillery was pointing in the wrong direction and Japanese forces that were inferior in numbers conquered Singapore defeating British and Commonwealth troops many of whom only arrived in time to surrender to the Japanese.


Friday, 12 July 2019

British National Party finished? Not really.

British National Party finished? Not really.

Despite all the stataments made about the demise of the British National Party, it has never really gone away. In fact, as a political organisation it is now flourishing not having to deal with the usual barrage of attacks launched by mass media, para-political organisation and political parties whose agenda has been to prevent the rise of the British National Party.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Josef Mengele: Totesengel died in Brazilian beach

Josef Mengele: Totesengel died in Brazilian beach

Rolf and Josef Mengele
Josef Mengele was perhaps one of the most colourful characters during and after World War Two. The SS Captain lived a very eventful life and earned a living after the war working for his own family business in Latin America where he visited/lived in several countries including Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. After the war, he went as a far as applying for and obtaining a German passport under his real name and got married in Uruguay also using his real name.

Some Germans lived under their real names and others adopted other names and nationalities including Italian nationality. It was well known that countries like Argentina and Uruguay had important Italian immigrant settlements and therefore entering using an Italian passport was the natural thing to do. In those days, people didn't care much about who came from where as long as you could fit in amongst the masses of European immigrants. Moreover, Germans were highly qualified and in developing countries such levels of expertise were in high demand.

The Cold War was on and therefore there was little interest in chasing highly intelligent people who were excellent at practically every job they applied themselves to do.

My own father knew how to fly and had vast knowledge of cheminal compounds and was a professional time keeper. We used to travel round.

July 4th - For all the talk about rights, Force is always the ultimate deterrent

July 4th - For all the talk about rights, Force is always the ultimate deterrent

July 4th 1776 - Declaration of Independence. Such date is not only important for what is today the United States of America. It simbolizes the ultimate history lesson: if you want rights, you have to be willing to wage war to get what you want.

Britain is at a crossroads. We can talk about rights over and over again but in order to have rights you have to be willing to put your life in harm's way. 

When you hear talk about politicians ignoring the outcome of the 2016 Referendum on European Union Membership, you understand very clearly that there are those willing to overule the popular decision. The question is: what are you willing to do to force them to respect the outcome of the Referendum?

This is a July 4th moment. Make no mistake about it. This is the moment when what you are willing to do matters. In 1776, people knew that there was going to be war. In 1776, people knew that losing was not an option and that many of them would have to give their lives to achieve the desired aim.

Adolf Hitler said that when war begins there are no civilians. Having fought in the trenches, he knew that in each conflict there are at least two sides and there is no disctinction between civilian and military. When German bombs fell on British cities and when Allied bombs fell on German cities, the message was very clear. The bombs would not tell the difference between civilians and military. The only issue was who was going to be alive when the bombing stopped.

The Liberal Democrats and their allies that include some in the Conservative camp have openly said that they don't recognize the outcome of the Referendum and have therefore classed themselves as the Enemy that needs to be defeated by those in the Leave camp.

At this  point in time, there is no Labour Party and no Conservative Party. There are two parties: Leave and Remain. This has all the characteristics of a Civil War and in a Civil War there will be casualties.

The extent of investigations in the United Kingdom regarding gang rape and abuses against children

The extent of investigations in the United Kingdom regarding gang rape and abuses against children