Saturday, 8 December 2018

Alison Chabloz: Press Release December 8th 2018

Press Release December 8th 2018
Alison Chabloz Appeal due to start next week adjourned

For reasons yet unknown, the Appeal in the Alison Chabloz case due to start on Monday at Southwark Crown Court in London has been adjourned. At best, an outrageous example of listing malpractice on the part of the listing clerk and, at worst, a breach of Criminal Procedure Rules. What this now implies for the continuation of Chabloz' Suspended Sentence also remains uncertain. 

Chabloz was convicted last May under the notorious S. 127 of the Communications Act 2003 for sending and for causing to be sent “grossly offensive” messages consisting of three songs uploaded to the Internet. Militant pro-Israel group Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) had originally initiated a private prosecution after police and the CPS failed to take action against Chabloz.

Chabloz' songs break the taboo of matters 'Holocaust'. Herself a victim of harassment by persons closely associated with CAA including one of its directors, Chabloz explained during cross-examination that her songs were composed in reaction to this targeting of her professional and social life, in particular after police and authorities had dismissed Chabloz' own complaints. Chabloz' interest in Holocaust revisionism came about as a result of her support for the pro-Palestinian cause and condemnation of Israel. Last month on Remembrance Day, Chabloz laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in honour of the 784 members of the British Armed Forces who lost their lives during the Palestine Campaign 1945-1948.

Against all odds and despite constant unwarranted attacks, Alison Chabloz is recognised and appreciated beyond Britain. A professionally-trained musician, she was recently nominated to the role of Cultural and Artistic Liaison for the UK & Europe on behalf of the American Freedom Party. 

The Appeal will be re-listed on Monday for dates some time in the New Year. 

Thanks to their creations, artists enable the layman to see things that would appear intolerable under the plain, naked light of day. The Artist tells us things about the world that can only be told by way of Art. That is why artistic freedom is sacred and without artistic freedom we are unable to find meaning in our own history and indeed in our own lives. Art is part of our western tradition and it's exceedingly worrying that artists are being prosecuted and convicted for their work.” ~ Damien Viguier, barrister.


  1. Thank you for this perfect article. It is so unexpected, and so very gratifying, to come upon a published piece of writing of the level of probity of this one. Your reader cannot miss that the essential issue is the demeanour of the court-system officials: They give themselves the licence to pull an eleventh-hour adjournment of a hearing that has already been delayed for shamefully long. One must wonder if some of those officials are earning bakshish from the enemies of certain defendants, just as one cannot but wonder if CPS high-level officials have become open to that sort of thing too. It is a very sad business when a country's justice system becomes corrupt.

    It is also wonderful to read the honest, muscular support this piece gives Mrs Chabloz. It recognises her as the victim of the less-than-even-handed administrators of our prosecution system. And it is not shy to recognise her elevated status as a musician.

    Excellent reading. Well done. More of the same, please!

  2. The way the system is treating you is obviously intended to cause you maximum stress. Don't let them succeed. Remember the more vile they become the more proof it is that you've upset their rotten little apple cart.