Friday, 26 May 2017

Karl Hohenstauffen: Die Endlösung der Islamischefrage

This correspondence with the British Ministry of Defence was copied to the Russian Embassy in London and to Moscow Headquarters of FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)

Dear Mark Hutchinson,

Many thanks for taking the time away from a very busy life at the Ministry of Defence to reply to my message of April 7, 2017. How fast time passes and here we are facing the repercussions of yet another Muslim Terrorist Attack perpetrated by a Muslim, of Libyan descent, born in the United Kingdom. His father and brother were arrested and they showed to have link with AlQaeda and Taliban having been involved in the fight against Muammar Gaddafi.

A British journalist – Katie Hopkins - has just been dismissed by LBC Radio for calling for a Final Solution of the Islamic Terrorist issue. The issue is that we do need a Final Solution of the Islamic Question (Die Endlösung der Islamischefrage) and the problem seems to be widespread when terrorists enter Europe disguised as Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

I don’t see Russia as a danger but as a welcomed partner in the fight against a common enemy. I see that many of Russia’s reactions have been the direct consequence of very badly thought actions carried out by others.

As a researcher, I have been working to determine the extent of the Islamic Threat in the United Kingdom. The problem is now much worse than it was when Dame Stella Rimington spoke in the Houses of Parliament saying that British Security Services didn’t have the necessary manpower to deal with a long list of suspects of being involved in terrorist activities in the United Kingdom.  Today, we speak about 12,000 individuals, many of them with military training having participated in conflicts in the Middle East and Asia Minor.

Politicians are wrongly focused on a fabricated geopolitical situation when the real battlefields are the home countries and the growing number of individuals involved in acts of terror, a problem that has been generated by flood immigration and lack of proper immigration controls.

I totally agree with President Donald Trump’s intention to curb the number of those coming from countries where Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, or whatever we want to call it, is extremely active.

It seems that the authorities, the political classes and the mass media are very willing to peddle the usual Human Rights nonsense when we are faced with one of the greatest dangers of the Twenty-First Century.

We shouldn’t allow back in people who fought for Islamic State. The individual who carried out the attack in Manchester was freely allowed to come and go as he pleased while he was getting ready to attack. This is absolutely unbelievable.  

Far too many people have died in the United Kingdom as a direct consequence of misguided immigration policies. Raising the number of soldiers on the streets of Britain in support of Police Forces is a political statement that has very little impact on real levels of security. The ones behind the attacks couldn’t care less if we are united or divided. They couldn’t care less about the ages of those they kill or maim.

I classified the attack in Manchester as an absolute and resounding success. One individual lost, a low cost and low tech device and maximum political repercussions both in the United Kingdom and across the world. The aim of the attack was not to cause a vast number of casualties. What Islamic State is after is maximum psychological effect at a time when it is embattled in Iraq and in Syria. From a psychological point of view, it was a massive propaganda boost meant for internal consumption and in support of operators in Europe and elsewhere.

I strongly believe that instead of a confrontational approach with the Russian Federation what is needed is a very active cooperation approach with the Russian Federation. I am very much aware of the memories of June 22, 1941 and the fears that the massing of military capabilities along the Russian borders generate. The choice is very clear. Either we seek cooperation with the Russian Federation to reach a Final Solution of the Islamic Question or we condemn people in the United Kingdom, in Europe and elsewhere to forever live with the imminent threat posed by Islamic Terrorism.

We need cooperation with the Russian Federation and the Security Services of the Russian Federation including especially FSB to benefit from their vast knowledge in dealing with Islamic Terrorism.

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

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