Tuesday, 17 May 2016

British Nationalism?

It has come to light that Paul Golding, Britain First Leader and former BNP Communications Officer, has rejected former BNP London Regional Organiser Steve Squire’s application to join Britain First on the grounds of Steve Squire’s links to the BNP and of his economic activities. This seems to be a message to all BNP members who are thinking about joining Britain First. Your association to the BNP disqualifies you from joining Britain First. Objectively, looking at the whole picture, I don’t think it would be beneficial to the reputation of any individual to be associated with a group of people that think that invading religious temples with the sole purpose of causing disruption and fear is right and proper. Despite the veneer of slogans there is practically little else.

Contrary to the strategies used by those who oppose organizations like Britain First, the best strategy would be to allow them to share public space and ask them specific questions about specific issues to show that apart from slogans and clich├ęs they have little else to offer. Transport, Housing, Policing, Education, Health and the running of other services like the Fire Services is not a simple matter and so called Nationalists don’t have the faintest idea of what they are talking about. They believe that instead of taking the time to learn it is better to walk around shouting empty slogans that will never solve real problems.

They constantly peddle the myth that they are not elected because of demographic changes and this is something that only simple minded individuals could possible accept. Britain First only got the support of about 31,000 voters in the entire Greater London Region. Are they going to say that there are less than 31,000 ethnically white Britons in the entire Greater London Region?

They cannot even use the excuse of changes in specific boroughs of London because anybody, anywhere, within the Greater London Region could have supported Britain First voting for the London Wide List and in fact the vast majority of ethnically white Britons chose to support other political parties.

They even try to convince themselves that the new London Mayor Sadiq Khan was elected because of the rising number of Muslim voters in the Greater London Region. Another myth that does not stand public scrutiny. Muslims in the London Region are merely about 12.5 per cent of the population. There were more than 5,000,000 people entitled to vote in London and the vast majority of those who voted for Sadiq Kahn were not Muslims.

They could have capitalized on the experience of people like Steve Squire. Instead, they condemn themselves to forever being on the fringes of British politics because they lack both the support and the knowledge that could propel them into public office. 

It must be said that Paul Golding or Britain First are not the exception. For what we know the British National Party, British Democrats, English Democrats, et cetera, could well be described along the same parameters.

They are all unknown quantities and have in common the fact that they lack the know-how and the willingness to acquire the know-how. Somehow, they still manage to persuade naive individuals that provide resources to support the lifestyles of those at the very top of minute organizations that have no real political future whatsoever. 

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