Saturday, 13 June 2015

Croatia haunted by its WWII past: Swastika on football ground

It is not just the Baltics Republics that celebrate their World War Two record of support for the Dritte Reich. In Western Ukraine and Croatia, the signs are plainly visible and they have the support of the USA as part of a geopolitical quest to damage anything and anybody seen as remotely linked to the Russian Federation.

In the run up to the Balkans War that led to the end of Yugoslavia, Germany rushed to recognize the independence of Croatia and many people asked why. The answer is plain and simple: Croatia was on the German side during World War Two and you not even need to scratch the surface to find out how strong the same feelings are today more than 50 years after the end of World War Two. Football is plainly visible and this is why football grounds are chosen places to exhibit symbols of Croatia's past.

Football authorities can do whatever they can and/or want to do to prevent the unavoidable. US warmongering is re-alighting and encouraging anti-Semitism across Europe. Exacerbating anti-Russian feelings, US is playing right into the hands of those who will bring back in force the ideologies their forebears supported and this comes together with the disastrous consequences of Israeli policies in the Middle East that foment widespread hatred.

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