Friday, 27 February 2015

Muslim Extremists: Terrorists or Idealists?

We have spent a very long time talking about Terrorists and, suddenly, in the early hours, the thought came to me: Terrorists or Idealists?

Aware of the fact that many people will disagree with me when I use the term Idealist to describe an Islamic Extremist, I go back to historical records when the duality Freedom Fighter/Terrorist appeared.

From the point of view of Establishments any challenge to their authority has been seen as Rebellion, Mutiny, and ultimately Terrorism.

We can talk about the Crusades or the American Revolution of 1776, World Wars or present events in Ukraine, there is always a duality in which one side will be vilified by the other side.

Ideas of perfection in terms of social developments and values have evolved and even at this moment in time there are marked differences between countries, cultures, religions, etc. Within what we call Western Societies there are subcultures very often at odds with each other.

Terrorists are Idealists even if we don't agree with their aims or the kind of social realities they promote. What we call Radicalization is for many the process of implementation of a different set of values.

Animal Rights Activists, Gay Rights Activists, Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion Activists can be examples of radicalization, they are both liked and disliked and in some cases they also end up getting involved in violence.

What we call Terrorism is no different. It is attitudes and behaviour linked to a specific set of values and beliefs combined with individual needs.

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