Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland: 55/45 and Promises to deliver

The final verdict of the Scottish Electorate was 55/45 on the issue of independence and many promises were made to keep Scotland in the Union but has this created a completely new reality?

What was promised must be deliver and there is now a timetable set up by the Prime Minister with changes to be finalized by next January.

2015 promises to be a year of controversy, with Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and the rest of the English Regions making demands for greater autonomy that are going to visibly altered the balance of power or else.

Else is what we are worried about. The map shows a United Ireland and this is something that many think is on the cards given recent actions in Northern Ireland with regards to issues like the use of the flags.

On his first speech after the Referendum took place. the Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about Democracy, about giving the people a voice and about delivering what is promised.

The Prime Minister knows that he is walking on a very thin ice sheet as rumblings inside the Conservative Party have shown. Patience is in short supply and when it comes to discussion powers and numbers the government will find itself with more than it bargained for.

Europe is watching. The regions of Spain, France, Italy and Hungary - to begin with (not forgetting a very unstable Ukraine) will ask more and more. Spain has even rejected a Referendum on Catalunya but the pressure will rise until it becomes untenable. Either they devolve powers or they face an armed struggle and even granting more powers is no guarantee against ultimate partition.

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